Thursday, July 21, 2011

On the road again

Our trip was awesome!

The first stop was visiting Mitch's grandma in Yuma, Colorado. It was really cool with all the open area around. Steph said: 'When anybody tells you again the world is too populated tell them to go to Colorado.'
I won't write really detailed in general just because I have so much to post about otherwise and I don't want to sit here for four hours and write everything down. Steph did a really good job describing what we did during our trip so I will just link her post. So this is her blog post about Yuma.

Eden's and my room at Grandma Lungwitz' house
So much wide open space in Colorado :)

After Yuma we drove to Estes Park in the Rocky Mountains (still Colorado). There we had the Theis family reunion with about people. It was the family from Mitch's grandparents (his dad's parents) and down. Steph's post
It was really cool to meet everybody and get to know 'my whole family'. I'm so glad I decided to extend my stay for a month because otherwise I would have left on June 23 and wouldn't have been able to meet all of them.

After the family reunion we left to go to Yellowstone Park in Wyoming. It was incredible! Here are Steph's Blogposts: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3.

Well okay originally I wanted to also upload my pictures from the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone, but I don't have enough room on my laptop to even have a preview of my pictures when I double click on them so it's really hard to post them... sorry. Maybe I will eventually when my laptop is fixed but I can't promise that... we'll see I guess :)

Anyway the song was Mitch's idea. He told me about it while we were driving to Yellowstone and I like it a lot!

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Sounds like fun!!! Miss you :(