Thursday, April 28, 2011

High School

Oh I like school sooo much here!

Especially Anatomy&Physiology! I just wanted to post some multiple questions from my Mastery Test that I got for the Exam tomorrow. It's on the cardiovascular system and I really enjoyed studying that chapter. We dissected deer hearts and I just love the fact that we do so much things in labs and don't just talk about everything. It's very interesting to actually look at some things :)

Anyway here are the questions:

1. Rheumatic fever damages the...
a) walls of the ventricles
b) walls of the atria
c) membranes that cover the heart
d) valves of the heart

2. The visceral pericardium is also known as the
a) epicardium
b) myocardium
c) endocardium

3. The structures that prevent the mitral and tricuspid valves from swinging into the atria during ventricular contraction are the...
a) cordae tendineae
b) papillary muscles
c) endocardium
d) Purkinje fibers

4. The aortic bodies containing pressoreceptors and chemoreceptors are located in the...
a) ascending aorta
b) aortic arch
c) aortic sinuses
d) descending aorta

5. Venous blood flow is maintained by all but which of the following factors?
a) blood pressure
b) skeletal muscle contraction
c) vasconstriction of veins
d) respiratory movements

My mastery test has 65 questions of these, some are easier some are harder. It would be cool if some people comment and write their answers to the questions :) I will publish the solution with my next post.

Now I will study some more!

It's on

I got my grades for my pictures in photography class today :)

Out of the 6 pictures 4 are 'Star Photos' (perfect score of 10/10) :D I think that's funny since I wasn't very happy with all of them but just not really encouraged to take better once so I just handed them in!

The caption includes the comment that my teacher wrote on the back :)

Star Photo
Check Focus
Star Photo
Star Photo
Busy Background

Monday, April 25, 2011

Ein Graues Haar

Happy Birthday Mom!

North Sea a year ago :)

The lyrics to the song in English:

I just played Indians
The aunt in kindergarten
I liked awfully much

Then my rounds shot on the moped,
first kiss, first crisis
how fast time flies!

And now I stand in front of the mirror, a quarter to eight
The party will be cool, my birthday
All those who like me have thought of me
But what I have to see there?
Well what?

A gray hair
Again there goes a year
All the best, thank you, clearly
Still a reason to celebrate
I see a gray hair

I see myself still looking
My place in the world
Occasionally I've ordered a glass too much

I saw many come
I saw many go
Saw many fall down, I stayed mostly stand

Many 1000 moments gathered in the time
I wish more of it, even more
Have understood better what makes me happy
What do I care really does not have to, well, what?

A gray hair
Again there goes a year
All the best, thank you, clearly
Still a reason to celebrate
Even more so with gray hair

We celebrate each new wrinkle, which was necessary
Each hair was prematurely precipitated
We celebrate every good intention, a nice custom
And every good approach, if bald, whether abdominal

Also gnawing at the very best body
the wisdom tooth of time
For true-the youth is fleeting, old age is growing
And to celebrate, is the best pastime!

A gray hair

Yeah I know I am so mean :) But I thought since it is your favorite band, you know me and also know that I just think it's a very funny song for the occasion you would laugh about it... if not than just ignore the song and look at this picture!
Tickle monster!
Love you soooooo much, I hope you have a great day!
See you later...

Jesus Messiah

Okay so it's still Easter (Monday) so this post is not too late :D

Yesterday was great!
We went to church early to participate in the fundraiser breakfast for a missions trip this year and it was great to already meet a couple of people before the sermon and talk to them :)
The sermon itself was awesome and I hope that it's online soon so that I can put a link on here for you to see!

We also had three baptisms again. I love to hear all the different testimonies I get so excited when I listen to the different stories!

After church we went home, changed clothes and then went to Papa's house (Mitch's Dad - my host grandpa). We had an Easter Egg Hunt and looots of good food :) First Eva and Papa were hiding the eggs for  or the little kids - everyone had 7 or 8, one person had one color of eggs and a little sticker on them so that they don't find the "wrong" eggs :)

When the little kids were done they all helped to hide Eva's and my eggs - way up high or so hidden we could barely see them :) It was so much fun too find them and I think it took me about an hour to find all of mine. Eva's were pink and mine were blue. By the time I found three of mine I already knew where all of Eva's were :D So when Mitch and Paul gave us hints by showing pictures in which area the rest of the eggs were hidden I already knew if it was "my area" or Eva's ;)

I got a pair of socks, a mood necklace with a 'K' as a charm, a cord and beats and a treble clef charm to make my own bracelet or necklace, a pencil and music stickers for my scrapbook :) Thank you so much again!

Here are some pictures!

Paul with Obadiah
Malachi just found an egg
It is hiding :)
Love shutter speed!
Good job buddy
Good spot for the eggs!
See the easter bunny ears?
'Maybe there are eggs in the water!?'
'I wonder where the rest of my eggs are!'

Thanks for a great Easter Sunday Theis Family!

He is Lord

Happy Easter!

I love this video - just found that version with subtitles in German. Mitch and Steph played it once in the beginning of my year over here and then throughout the year a couple times, now I often play it myself instead of listening to music and today we watched it in our sermon :) 

I will write something later today about our day now I just really want to sleep, it was a loooong (great) day!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Favorite Things

We played this song in Big Band :) I really like that song...

But this blog post is about the 6 pictures that I had to turn in for Photography class on Thursday, here they are:

Action/Movement Photo
Framing Photo
Fruit/Vegetable or Flowers Photo
Hands Photo
Accented Light Portrait

And here are two old assignments that I didn't share yet:

We had to take 8 portraits and make a new face out of those using Photoshop

'Mr. Potato Head' Assignment
'Selective Desaturation' Assignment

I really enjoy my photography class and I think it already helped me a lot to get to know my camera a little bit better!

Find my way back home

Not me... not yet.
But my little Teddy!

When I was born my mom's co-workers gave her two Teddys from Sigikid and I have them with me when I travel around so they are here now too!
Anyway a couple days ago I thought I lost my little one. We have our garbage can right between our beds (Eden's and mine), and I thought it might have fallen in there while I was sleeping and it's now gone :(

I thought I looked everywhere for it and I was kind of hoping Tirzah grabbed it and put it somewhere else (she likes them too), but I also kind of started to accept that it was gone - I mean it's just a stuffed animal, right?!

I found my little bear tonight when I came home from a game night with a couple exchange students, host family members and YFU volunteers. I was soooo happy so I really had to blog about it. I originally wanted to name the post 'Lonely' when I first thought about writing it, because I didn't find him before that, but anyway.

Big Papa Bear
Back together :)
Tirzah with it a couple of days ago

Yeah.. I seriously just wrote a blog about my teddy bear :D

Monday, April 18, 2011

Do Re Mi

I looove this song from Sound of Music. And yes I've never watched the movie I really have to change that!

Anyway it's in my head all the time so I thought I could use it for my blog since I try to always use songs that I'm currently listening too.

There was a great flashmob with that song in belgium:

We also have a new student teacher in Choir and I love the warm-ups we are doing right now.
One for example here...
We have a list with:
  • Do
  • Re
  • Mi
  • Fa
  • So
  • La
  • Ti
  • Do
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
We have to go up and down the list singing the "words" or numbers like this:

Do, Do Re Do, Do Re Mi Re Do, Do Re Mi Fa Mi Re Do, Do Re Mi Fa So Fa Mi Re Do, Do Re Mi Fa So La So Fa Mi Re Do, Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti La So Fa Mi Re Do, Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do Ti La So Fa Mi Re Do.

... or

1, 1 2 1, 1 2 3 2 1, ... and so on.

Anyway it's super much fun and I just wanted to share that with you :)

Heal the World

Thank you sooo much for all the donations for the 30 hour famine!
I was able to raise $180! With that money World Vision will be able to take care of a child for half a year :)

The 30 hour famine was a great experience and I will definitely do something like that again in the future! I started fasting right after my lunch period in school on Friday at 12pm. When I came home everybody had Animal Crackers for snack (I love those!) and Micah said 'Haha, you can't have any!'... not nice :) But really it wasn't that hard not to eat - I thought it would be harder since I'm snacking all the time.

Mitch, Eden, Micah and I went to TCF to go through some bank-stuff which took a veeery long time because it was very complicated, but it was also very entertaining :D After that we went to a game store to get a couple CDs/DVDs buffered and after that we went to Little Caesers to get pizza for the others for supper - that was fun. Mitch called in before we got there so that they would be ready when we come and he ordered "3 pepperoni ... and 1 sausage please". When he said 'sausage' I said "Yes... nooooo" because I love sausage pizza but then I realized that I won't be able to have any :(

At 8pm I went to Church then where I spent the rest of my fasting time together with all the others (I think there were about 25 of us.. maybe more).We started of by playing a couple games boys vs. girls - we won! :) And then at around 9.30 Josh talked to us, showed us a very cool video. In that video kids who don't live as good as we do asked questions about our life here in America - "Do you really eat 3 times a day", etc. It also included information about the difference of our countries - "A woman in Africa walks about 6 miles a day to get water, that's how much an American walks in A MONTH!" It really opened my eyes about what's going on in the world and on top of that we then watched End of the Spear.

The next day morning we woke up at 8.45 and started at 9.30. We did three service projects throughout the day - hand out bag of lunch to people who otherwise won't have a meal -, collect caned food donations and we cleaned up a park :)
Throughout the whole time i didn't really struggle with hunger, but more with a lack of energy and I was cold all the time except when I was in my sleeping bag... then I felt super hot. I think I had a little short cold or something because I also had trouble breathing (it felt like somebody was sitting on my chest when I tried to breath in). Usually my temperature is around 96°F when I take it with the thermometer we have but on Saturday when I came home it was 98°F... I don't know doesn't really matter I guess :)

We broke out fast together at (Surprise...after 30 hours) 6pm on Saturday with rice and something like taco meat and ketchup. I think I never enjoyed a meal like that before - you really start appreciating the food you have the more you learn about all the hunger in the world!

Anyway it was a great experience and thanks again for the donations!

Only the beginning of the adventure

Okay here then the picture of Obadiah and me (my mom asked me about it, I kind of forgot to upload one the last time...) It's on Steph's Blog, I hope it was okay that I put it on my blog, too?!

At the hospital
He changed so much already it's incredible! But it's still the "beginning of his adventure"!
Praise God for this huge blessing :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Earth Song

So yesterday at Youth Group we got some information about the 30 hours famine that is going on this weekend at Calvary.

We start fasting at 12pm on Friday (right after my lunch period in school) and don't eat for 30 hours. That way we will see what it's like to hunger for such a long time like many people have to.

Here are some facts about hunger in this world:
 - Hunger kills another child every 10 seconds!
       So that are 8000 kids under the age of 5 that die because of hunger-related causes (starvation,      illness due to malnutrition, ...
 - More than 1 billion people go hungry every day!
One in six people on earth will go to bed hungry tonight . The odds are worse for kids living in poor countries, they have a one in three chance of going hungry!

For me personally I knew that this is an issue but I didn't know that there are SO MANY people who don't have anything to eat!

So with the 30 hour famine we also want to raise money for the organization World Vision so that kids can get food.
$30 would help to get food for a child for ONE MONTH - so that is $360 to help feed and care for a child for a year! I think that is pretty amazing and when we compare that on how much money we spend each month for ourselves not a lot!

When I thought about how I could get as many donations as possible I had the idea that a blog post about it would be so helpful because that way I can inform a lot of people at the same time about it.

So if you would like to donate some money for this please tell me! I need the money by Friday because that's when I will give it to my Youth Group leader. 
You can donate any amount of money you want and checks should be made payable to World Vision - I would actually prefer checks because I would have to write out a check to hand the money in anyway :)
Now that I think about it, it would be sooooo great if people from Germany would donate some money too!
1. Just divide however much dollars you want to donate by 1.35 (that's about the currency rate) to get the Euro value for it. 
2. Then you can ask my mom about my account information (didn't ask you yet but I hope that's okay mom?! ^^) or you could also email me and I will send the information to you... I just kind of forgot what you need for that so it would be great if you could tell me (I know it's the name, the account number, the bank name and the bank identification code, anything else?!)
3. Transfer the money on my account
4. Please send me an email (you can find my email address on Facebook, in my profile here on my blog or you could text/ask me about it!) and tell me how much money you would like to donate so that I can keep track of that :)
Any questions please (!) ask me or you could also look it up on the website I named above (World Vision or 30 hour Famine).
If you don't want to or you can't donate money then please pray for me and other people who participate in this that everything will work out and that we - together - can raise money to prevent kids from dying because they don't get enough food!

It would be sooo great if I could get enough money that would support a child for a year - I think that would be amazing!

Thank you so much already :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Happy Being-Married-For-250-Months-Anniversary Mom and Dad!

The picture is from your 20th anniversary when we went out for dinner :)

Love you soooooooooooooooo much! 
I hope you had a great weekend!


As mentioned in An die Musik I had my Choir Solo/Ensemble Contest on Wednesday where I sang 'An die Musik' (To Music) by Franz Schubert. I also sang Shenandoah with seven other girls (so we had two soprano, three first alto and two second alto).

When I woke up that morning my throat was super sore and I thought "Great, why today?". It was a little hard to catch the high notes but all in all it was a lot of fun spending the day just listening to other artist instead of sitting in school for math, language arts, etc. :)
And I also met some friends from Calvary who go to Tech!

My ratings for both performances were 'Superior'. I was so happy! Since I was a little sick I thought I won't do very good, but I just did as good as I can... wasn't like I could do anything about it ;)

Oh and I looove this song! My dad listens to it a lot and when I got to hear it the first time my English wasn't that great so I didn't catch all of it, but "Music is my first love" is not that hard and the music itself of the song is amazing :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

You're Here

I have a little host baby brother :)

All American followers probably already know from Steph's Blog so here then to let all the other people know
... also you really should follow Steph's Blog ;)

These are the first couple posts from Steph about Obadiah Benjamin:

Obadiah Benjamin
Obadiah's Birth Story
Pictures of Obadiah on the first day
Visitors in the Hospital
Coming Home

Congratulations again to you Mitch and Steph!

Blue Sky

On Monday I took a couple of pictures in the neighborhood for a Photography class.
The weather is great these days - it's finally getting warmer and even I really want to see the sun now :)

Here are some of the pictures!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lead me to the Cross

This weekend was District Blitz/Spring Blitz in Duluth Minnesota!

We met at Calvary at 3.30pm this Friday and left there at about 4 for our long bus ride :)
When we arrived at the hotel we only had time to bring all our things to the rooms and use the bathrooms because the first session started right away.
I shared a room with Alex, Kayla, Emily and our chaperon was Bonnie. It was great!

Our bible passage for the whole conference was Luke 9:23-26 

"23And he said to all, 'If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. 
24For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it. 
25For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses or forfeits himself? 
26For whoever is ashamed of me and my words, of him will the Son of Man be ashamed when he comes in his glory and the glory of the Father and of the holy angels."

We had one verse every session (Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday night and Sunday morning) and the 'topic' for those were "Follow me!", "Is life worth more?", "Is the world worth more?", "Christ is worth it all".

We also had two seminars that we attended on Saturday morning and evening. There were 17 to choose from and I went to:

"Follow me by finding something interesting"

→ "What does God have to do to grab your attention? What if He only communicated via Facebook or Twitter posts? What might He say? In this seminar we will look at 40 "posts" from God Himself. Forty things that God wants to draw you to. Things that make you go Hmmmm? How will you respond?"

"Follow me to the movies"

→ "The Bible is the Greatest Story Ever Told and Hollywood has figured that out. Let's look at how Biblical themes show up in movies and TV shows. Let's also take a look at "Your Life". With God as the director it'll be the best movie you've ever seen!"

I really liked the one about the movies since I enjoy them a lot!
We looked at examples from Matrix: Neo dies (you can stop at 3:10), Superman Returns: Superman saves the world (the first 20 seconds - notice how he falls back to earth), and then also from Signs, Lost and I am Legend but I can't find the clips online. Anyway it was very cool just to see that, but the presenter of the seminar also told us that these little clips don't make the whole movie good (meaning appropriate). 

On Saturday we also had 6 hours of free time. About 10 people from our Youth Group (out of the ~ 55 that came to the Conference) went to have lunch together right after the morning session and we then went back to the hotel to get some stuff to explore Duluth a little. It was sooo much fun all in all and here are the pictures:

We had great weather!
Kenzie, Elle, Cody and Kimmy with Mark in the back
Mark who used to go to Calvary Youth Group actually goes to College and we just met him there in the hotel (coincidence?!)

AJ and Paige on the way to Downtown Duluth
Alex, Paige, Emily and Kenzie (left to right)
Paige, AJ, Emily, Kenzie, Elle, Kimmy, Tony and Alex playing "Ninja"

Wait for it!
Lake Superior
Emily and Elle

A heart stone :)
Elle, Kenzie, Paige, AJ, Kimmy, Emily, Cody and Tony in the front (I think this one looks funny with the ice and stuff in the backround, it looks so cold and we were only wearing sweatshirts... I guess that's what happens to Minnesota people once it gets above zero it's "Summer"!)
Not a good idea you guys!
The Great Lake again
AJ and Paige
Paige: "Oh no somebody lost a shoe!" Tony: "Everybody, check your feet!" It was great!
And another group picture: Elle, Emily, AJ, Kimmy, Tony, Kenzie, Paige, Cody and Alex
Kenzie and Alex taking a picture in our bus' mirror
The stage and a few of the 2800 students who attended the conference
Our hotel

Great time!