Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Hey Song

I watched my first hockey game yesterday :) 
It was Saint Cloud State University vs. Minnesota State University. I went there with Julia - she's an exchange student from Germany too - and her family. 
Julia plays basketball at her high school so they picked me up and I stayed at their house for a little while so that she could take a shower.

Whenever SCSU made a goal they played 'The Hey Song'. When we play for a game at school with Pep Band we sometimes play that during timeouts and it was so funny to hear 5000 people singing 'Hey' :)

The Husky goaltender

I saw some people that I know from SCSU (from our time at TCX) when we came in and when we sat down I zoomed over to the other half of the arena:

Josh and Kari (3rd row from the bottom 2nd + 3rd from left)
It was so much fun. I usually don't like watching sports but I think I could definitely go to a hockey game again :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My own little world

My own little world had -30°F/-34°C on Friday morning and all schools around were closed or hate a 2 hours late start... our district didn't :(
I would have totally loved that since I didn't feel very good. I had an upset stomach and felt like I had to throw up the whole day (I didn't) and I was veeeery tired even though I went to bed at 9pm on Thursday, so I had 10 hours of sleep!!!

I usually would have just stayed home but I had a sketch test in Anatomy & Physiology and I have a test on Monday in Psychology so I didn't want to miss the last lesson before I have to take that. Mitch brought the two daycare kids (who go to school) and me over there so that we don't have to wait for the bus when it's so cold out. I asked him if somebody could pick me up after I was done with Anatomy and Psych (I was lucky that I have them in my first two periods) and he said that Steph could pick me up on the way home from her doctor's appointment. So I had Anatomy & Physiology, Psychology, Math, Lunch and half of my Theater class. That was just perfect because we had another test in Math that our teacher didn't told us about before so I didn't miss it. I also would have had open in Choir and Band because we had sectionals so it didn't really matter :)

When I came home I lay down on the couch and fell asleep :D I think after about an hour I woke up and went downstairs to lay down in my bed. I was so glad that I packed my stuff on Thursday so that I could just rest till Mitch, Micah and I left for the YFU Midyear Orientation at 5pm. We went to Sam's Club first and got some milk, lemonade, pancake mixture, and some other stuff that I don't remember. I still didn't feel very good so that it wasn't the best environment with all the food around me. Can you imagine that I saw chocolate brownies and felt very sick? Now it seems kind of strange :P
As soon as we were done shopping we drove to Calvary where we had the Orientation in our Youth Room. I went straight to the next couch after I brought in some stuff :)
The first students arrived at about 6pm and we started at around 7.30pm. Now I don't remember what we discussed when and the whole program like I listed it for Blizzard but here are just some things we did:

 - Mafia 
 - Making a pyramid with cups, stacking them back, making a pyramid, stack them, making a pyramid, stack them (as fast as you can)
 - Puzzle a cereal box together (just the front side) which was cut into I think 12 pieces

Talking about:
 - Contact to family and friends in your home country
 - Talking in English rather than using your native language (also when you talk to people from your home country in order to improve your English skills
 - What do you think are you most proud of about your exchange when you are back in your home country
 - Church attendance
 - School
 - Spending time with your family
 - Phone calls and internet use
 - What were the best moments in your exchange year so far
 - How to solve problems with your (host) family
 - Being homesick
 - ... and lots of other things :)

We watched several videos:

And also the video for the song that I picked for this blog post :)

We also talked about how important it is to find new host families and exchange students.
We asked around when we (exchange students) got the information about our family. I think there were about 5 or more (out of ~ 25) students who were called just a couple days before they flew over here or who even went on the airplane without knowing where they would go! I think that must have been very hard, waiting for so long. I got my letter with the names of my host parents, their address, age, profession, my host siblings' names, the email address of one of your host parents, the telephone number and the name of my school on March 5th, 2010, so I didn't even have to wait for three months after I was accepted by my exchange organization.

Reading the questions

Junior (from Thailand)

Pippu (Finland) and Nina (Switzerland)

Discussing questions

Group picture

If you are interested in hosting a student this year or if you would like to be an exchange student visit YFU, read my host mom's blog to get an idea what it's like to be a host family or contact Marilyn Hostetler. She is the Field Director for this area from YFU and I think she would be more than glad to tell you more about YFU :)
And of course you can also ask me tons of questions (or more).

Greater than we can imagine

Micah and I've been to our Winter Church Retreat "Blizzard" last weekend and it was awesome! Unfortunately I didn't took as many pictures as I planned to and the ones that I took aren't that great :(

Our cabin #6
My bed :D

Outside of our cabin

We talked about being rooted in Christ and our speaker used Colossians 2:6-7 to explain what that means.

Our speaker

Colossians 2:6-7
Emily and Elle

Here is our schedule (I'm copying from our program and I know that there were a few changes made but I don't quite remember where...):


4:30   PM   Leave from Calvary
                    Dinner on the way
7:30   PM   Arrive @ Wood Lake Bible Camp
                    Move into cabins
                    Free Time
  8:30 PM   SESSION 1 - Meet in chapel
10:30 PM   Night Game
12:30 AM   Head to cabins
  1:00 AM   Lights out


  8:00 AM   Wake up
  8:30 AM   Breakfast in K.D.A.
10:00 AM   SESSION 2 - Meet in chapel
11:30 AM   Quiet time in chapel
12:00 PM    Lunch in K.D.A.
  1:00 PM   Group Picture
                      - Meet @ Field behind chapel
                      - Dress for outside games

  1:15 PM   Tubicide
  2:00 PM   Free time
  5:30 PM   Dinner in K.D.A.
  6:30 PM   Un-Talent show
  8:00 PM   SESSION 3 - Meet in chapel
10:00 PM   Blizzard Party in K.D.A.


  8:00 AM   Wake up and pack
  8:30 AM   Quiet time - Meet in chapel
  9:00 AM   Brunch in K.D.A.
10:00 AM   SESSION 4 - Meet in chapel
11:30 AM   Move out and clean cabins
12:00 PM   Head home
  3:00 PM   Arrive back @ Calvary

Alec in her 'Rihanna-pose' :D Fun times!


We had lots of funny acts in our UNtalent show and three judges who played like they were the judges from 'American Idol'. It was so funny to watch all that especially because our Simon was very close with his comments to the real one. Because we all knew that she (our Simon was female) wasn't serious it was very funny. At one point she was so mean that the Sound Crew turned off her microphone :D
Here are some videos of different acts we got to see:

Senior Girls dancing Chihuahua:

Use somebody performed by Will, Cody and Andrew/Spoden:

It was a very, very great weekend!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Wenn sie diesen Tango hört

Okay it wasn't Tango that we danced but I just love this song! I'm sorry that it's in German.

I walked over to Allie's house. She lives about 5 minutes away and is a friend from school - we have Acting/Theater Class together. I first met her when Karla (a YFU hostmom) took us to her house after the scrapbooking sleepover thing :) Allie's mom is Karla's sister.

Anyways we played "Just Dance 2" and "American Idol" here are some pictures:

The TV with 'Dancefloor' in front of it


.. and her as a superstar.

.. and her singing

By the way this is quite a long time ago - January 5th :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I'm back from the TCX Awaken Conference in Minneapolis and I experienced my four most emotional days of my life!
This video was kind of a trailer for TCX 2010 so the pictures are from last year, but it shows the Hilton Hotel where we stayed very good and also what we did. So just to give you an idea:

I headed down there on Tuesday together with Tracey, Brenda and Yuna from my Bible Study Group at SCSU and we arrived at about 3.30pm (I think...!). 

Tracey driving to Minneapolis :)

While Tracey parked the car after she dropped us off at the hotel, Yuna, Brenda and I already went upstairs (17th floor) to get our stuff to our room.

The hotel - see the arrow? I think that's where our room was
I know, we didn't really clean up

When Tracey arrived at the hotel we all went downstairs (3rd floor) to register and explore the hotel - that was at about 4pm. After exploring we walked (!) back upstairs because they were too many people with luggage arriving who needed the elevators. Yuna, Tracey and I stayed in our room for a while where we ate, talked and I took picture from the view out of our hotel room.

Isn't that a very cool house?!

The window was a little dirty :(

We had our first main meeting at 7.30pm and the doors opened at 7.15 - we headed down there at about 6.40 so that we could get good seats :) Right after that we had Campus Time where we played a very fun game: We were all sitting in a circle and had to say our first and last name, now the hard part: you had to repeat the names of the people who were sitting 'before' you. We had approximately 40 people there and I was more than glad, that we started over about five seats before it would have been my turn :P

After that (~10pm) we had the rest of the day free time and that's usually when we hang out in the hall ways and talked about all kinds of stuff. I went to bed at midnight :)

The next day I woke up at 7.10 and took a shower and ate breakfast, before I went downstairs (we were able to use the elevators by that time) with Yuna at about 8.15am. The second session started at 9 so we just waited in front of the doors with the other students from SCSU
We had lunch break from 11:45 to 1:30 and that's when Yuna and I went to Target where I bought some food for the rest of the week (I know now that it's a bit too much :P) and to Walgreen's because I got a cold and my throat was very sore :( 

The first Equipping Seminar started at 2pm and ended at 3pm, we then had a 30 minutes break and the next seminar from 3.30 to 4.30. I attended 'How to Lead a Small Group That People Want to Attend' and 'How to Share Christ - Rescue Your Friends and Conquer Your Fear' and at 5.30 I went to a seminar with information about Keynote (focus on the Summer Project).

Then at 7.30 we had our third main meeting: The Bema
After that again free time where we played some games and talked :)

The next morning the fourth main meeting started at 10 where we had to bring our coats and all that stuff because we spread out for the Outreach that day. We met with our Campus right after the meeting where we split up in groups of 2-5 people and got instructions to the Church (each Campus worked with a different one). We then went out to get boxes of food and once we got those, we went to our cars to drive to the Church: Greater Friendship Baptist Church. Unfortunately there were only five people who opened the door for my little group (we were three and the pastor of the church joined us). 

Get some food and hot drinks in the Church after the Outreach

But later at the meeting at 7pm back in the hotel we got to see how many conversations we all together had. There were more than 1000 conversations and more than 70 people accepted Christ that day, isn't that super awesome! I had tears in my eyes when I saw all the names of the people who were saved that day (staff members wrote them on boards on the stage). 
During that meeting we also talked about the situation in other countries Australia, East Asia, 4th Journey, France, Ghana and Uruguay. After the main meeting we had seminars about these countries/regions and I attended the one about France, hoping that I would get more information about what I could do when I go back to Germany since they are very similar. 
All these information on just one day really messed with my emotions. I was so sad about the fact that they are so many people out there who are lost and never heard the Gospel before. But then I realized that I was one of these people just 4 months ago - I mean I knew that there's a God, but nobody ever told me that Jesus died for us to cover our sins. Once I realized how I went from the darkness into light during the last four months my whole body was filled with joy and when we started worship with Happy Day right after the main speech I started crying and got goose bumps. 
I was so incredibly happy and grateful you don't even have a clue!

Yuna and I joined a group of people at about 10.30pm playing Signs. Our group soon included about 35 people and it was super intense but it's just so much more fun with many people :) I think we went to our room at around 1 and we went to bed at 2am :)

Waiting for the doors to be opened

People with flags saving spots for their campus

Jo for SCSU :)

The stage


And then was already Friday:
The Morning (Main) Meeting 6 started at 10am and we had lunch break from 12:15 to 1:15 where I bought More than a Carpenter in the bookstore Campus Crusade for Christ set up for the conference.
Life Skill Seminar 1 started at 1:30 and ended at 2:30, the second one was from 3 to 4pm. I first attended 'Sharing Christ with Those Closest to You' and then 'Darwin: Can You See He's Fooled You All?'. 
At 4.30 the SCSU Campus met in the lobby and we all headed to a Church where we had our Campus Dinner. We ordered pasta and salad and shared what we learned during the conference.
We headed back at around 6.30 and attended the next and last main meeting at 7pm. After that we had Campus time again where we played the shout game: we were all standing in a circle and bowed our heads. Somebody said 'One, Two, Three, Look Up!' and we all had to look up and at somebody, when you had eye contact with somebody else because you looked at each other in the same round you had to scream and you were out. It's a very weird game but super much fun :)

At 10.30pm started the New Year's Party. It was so amazing to worship into the New Year and dance after it till 2am :) I went to bed at 3 and got up this morning at 9am, took a shower, packed the rest of my stuff and went downstairs together with Yuna, because we were supposed to wait for Tracey who wanted to get the car from the parking ramp.
We said we will meet at 10.30am and at 10.50 she called me and said that she couldn't find the car (she forgot where she parked ^^) It was pretty cold but I had my Christmas-Fleece-Blanket.

Yuna with my blanket :)

When Tracey arrived at around 11am and we put all our stuff (see picture above + the bag of Katie who wasn't there yet when I took the picture) in her car the door from Katie didn't close. Tracey said there's something in the lock so that  made it impossible for a piece to fall down and lock the door. It could have also been that it was 'just' stuck, anyway it didn't work!

There (circled green) was something wrong

We tried to fix it for about and hour and there were other people from a campus from Wisconsin who tried to help but it just didn't work :(
It was very cold (~ 4°F/-16°C) and because it took us so long to find out that we weren't able to just fix it, all the other people from our campus were already gone. The two people from Wisconsin who helped us, Yuna, Tracey and I started to pray, that He would show us a solution. The students from Wisconsin then left and Yuna went to the hotel to get warm. We tried it again and again and there were already two other people who tried to help but we then decided to drive over to the Hotel since Tracey wanted to ask staff from the hotel I they had an idea - at that time it was around 12.15pm so we tried it for over an hour. On the way there Katie held the door and tried to close it over and over again when we stopped at a stoplight. I called Mitch and asked if he would be able to pick me up since there really wasn't anybody left who would drive back to Saint Cloud, he wanted to talk to Steph and call me back. When we stopped in front of the Hotel, Katie tried it again and ... the door stayed shut! 
Praise the Lord of the Universe who answered our prayers! Tracey said, 'Lock it and never ever open it again!' :) I called Mitch to tell him that 'we' fixed the door and that I'd be home soon.   Tracey got Yuna from the hotel and we drove home - 2 hours later than we planned to... :)

All these meetings and seminars were absolutely amazing and so helpful! As I said earlier, it was very emotional and I feel like I grew spiritually more in these four days than I did in the past four months. My faith got so strong now after hearing the Gospel five times a day - I thought once you hear it you understand in, but there's still always so much joy and gratefulness in me when I hear the Good News again. 
I am very glad that we had so many different seminars to pick from so that I learned a lot that I can use once I'm back in Germany! I think it's still going to be hard, but I already started to pray and I trust in the Lord that he is going to use me to spread the Gospel, but He is the one that changes people's hearts! All I can do for now is praying :)
Thank you to everybody who made this weekend possible - Jess for encouraging me to go, Mom and Dad for allowing me to go and giving me the money that I needed for it, Steph and Mitch for letting me go, Tracey for giving me a ride and be there the whole time, Yuna for giving me hugs and being there the whole time too and everybody from the TCX/Campus Crusade for Christ staff for organizing this awesome conference!