Saturday, August 28, 2010

Girls just want to have fun

Today I went to the Minnesota State Fair in Minneapolis. It was so much fun even if it was super hot and a lot to walk :D

Here are some pictures I took from the Skytower:

There were lots of different offers and a lot of people :)
Right in front of the Skytower
The whole State Fair
I only took pictures from the Skytower because it was so super hot and I wasn't motivated enough to get my camera out of my back and put it back in there all the time. I also thought that these pictures show enough of the fair... and besides: I couldn't take pictures of every single flower, corn or all the other things which won the competitions :)

I wrote with my mom today via Facebook and she said that it was not very clear if I'm going to be a Senior or Junior. I didn't recognize that, I'm sorry, and now for everybody: I'm a Senior :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Yesterday I went to Youth Group again. 
It was 'Back 2 School Bash' and we had to take pictures all over the town. 
We got a sheet with the different explanations for the pictures we should take (e.g.: most scary picture, your group in the smallest place, best nature picture, picture of an outdoor sculpture,...)

When we were back in the Youth Group room I noticed that one of my (Thomas Sabo) bracelet charms were missing: the little airplane that Theresa gave me to my birthday/goodbye party :( 
I checked if I put it on my necklace, but I didn't. 
I was so super sad and went straight in my room to check if I put it in my jewelry box (I doubted it because I usually wear all my charms) and to my own surprise: I found it ^^

After I had to go to see the counselor on four different days, I finally get my homeroom, locker and schedule.

Homeroom: C717 (it's in the science section)

Locker: 2419

Period 1: US History
Period 2: Anatomy&Physiology
Period 3: College Prep Algebra
Period 4: Concert Band
Period 5: Women's Choir
Period 6: Language Arts 11
Period 7: Health II

Volleyball practice gets easier every day (my blisters bigger and my muscles ache more every day :D) and we had fire alarm today...( so a little break ). My first game is going to be next week on Thursday and from Monday on we only have 2 hours practice every day.

Tomorrow is no practice ;)


P.S.: To all people in Germany, I just heard that you can't open the link so here is one, where you could hear the song:  

Monday, August 23, 2010

We are Family

So now I already have four different families :)
One family is probably asleep right now and lives in Germany :)
My second family and I are just back from a dinner at Bonanza.
The third family is the church and the Youth Group.
And I just joined a fourth family that stands of three girls of my volleyball team at Apollo and me. In the team we were separate in groups of three to five girls. In a group the other girls are your 'sisters' and you are supposed to encourage them before the games and give them little presents. I think that is awesome!

So speaking of volleyball: It was veeeery hard and exhausting ;)
Here is the development of the 4-hour-practice:
1. Run a mile
2. Stations (Sit-ups, Push-ups, squats, box-stepping, sprinting, blocking,...)
3. Warm up for volleyball (Building three groups: serve, pass and  setter. The serve brings the ball over the net, runs over to the other side of the net, pass the ball of the next server to the setter and is then setter himself and has to go with the ball back to the serve line...)
4. Separate in the 'sister-groups'
5. Getting jerseys
6. Workout
7. Practice serving
8. Play a couple of games of volleyball

I was super tired afterward. I brought my report card from my last school year in Germany to the counselor and talked to her again. I was a bit confused because the letter with my schedule, grade, locker number and home room didn't really fit to what we have talked about during our first appointment. I have to go there again tomorrow and I will get my new schedule and stuff :)
So after I saw the counselor a girl of my team gave me a ride home and I took a shower immediately and go right to bed then to take a nap :D
But I'm excited to go there again tomorrow!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Yesterday I went shopping with Kari and Alex, two girls from Youth Group.
After some problems with my bank card we had a lot of fun!
We ate Chinese in the Food Court of Crossroad Center here in Saint Cloud. Afterward we tried to get some money out of a ATM but it wasn't working ;(
What a bummer! It's now working by the way, we went to a bank and tried it there after church today and... voila: it's working :)
Anyway I bought white t-shirts and knee pads for volleyball practice at Target's, volleyball shoes at Foot Locker's and shorts for volleyball at Scheels' :)

When I went shopping with Holly and Eva on Thursday (or was it Wednesday?!) we went shopping at Crossroad Center as well and had a look at all the clothes at Deb's, Aeropostale, American Outfitters and a shoe shop of which I can't remember the name ;)

The Center is awesome! I had sooo much fun and I can't wait to go there again ^^

Friday, August 20, 2010

In the Lake

Today Eden, George, two other exchange students from Germany and Switzerland and I went to Quarry Park. They searched for granite there and the quarries filled up with water after some time.

It was so much fun there, especially when we drop Eden in the swimming pool quarry :)

Here are some pictures:
The granite rocks
Formed granite

Walking aaaall the way to the swimming pool quarry
Plants on the granite rocks

One of the quarries

For my brother and father back in Germany :)

We planned to go back there again on Monday and really go swimming, have a picnic and all that stuff :)

Tomorrow I will go shopping with two girls from youth group to find all my volleyball things ^^

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I want it all

Today Mitch and I went to see the counselor of the Apollo High School to make my course choice. I'm going to be in class 12 so I'm a senior :) Which is super cool ;)
It was sooo hard to find the right courses, because there are so many different options!
They offer 163 different courses so just that you can imagine how hard that is :) I don't know if I will be able to have all these subjects, because some of them could be already 'full'...
So here it is:

Dep:          Trimester 1                 Trimester 2                Trimester 3

LA                    Language Arts 11                 Film Study                             Acting/Theater Workshop
Social               US History                            US History                             US History
Math                College Prep Algebra            College Prep Algebra            College Prep Algebra
Science            Anatomy+Physiology             Anatomy+Physiology            Anatomy+Physiology
Elective            Digital Photography               Health II                                Community CPR, First Aid, AED
Elective            Band                                     Band                                      Band
Music               Choir                                     Choir                                      Choir

P.S.: I don't mean all the things that are said in the song. It's just that I wasn't sure what classes I should choose and I was like 'I want it all' so that's why I picked the song for my title :P

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Something to Say

Steph, the kids and I watched a video on youtube today and I just feel like I need to post something about it! 
It's actually a very cool, but also weird, coincidence that that's the name of the song: 'Something to Say'.

When we went to church last Sunday, I kept thinking that everybody should come over to America on Sundays and go to church here :) It's just so different and a lot more interesting than the church I used to go to in Germany. In fact I was kind of surprised  that I understand nearly everything and it just felt good, because I was a bit afraid that I'll just sit there without understanding anything (LOL).

So that was a very short post, but have a look (and listen!) at/to the video, add what it says here and there you have a looong blog post!

Back to school again

Tomorrow I will go to 'my' American school for the first time :) It's not my first school day, but I'm going to choose what subjects and activities I would like to attend as soon as school starts (September 7).
It's the Apollo High School here in Saint Cloud, Minnesota ^^

I'm pretty excited to find out, what kind of subjects I'll be able to chose. They will be a lot more and different than in Germany I think.

Since the name of my blog is 'Kathi's Music', I decided that I probably should upload parts that include music. So that's why the titles of my blog posts are names of songs. I also add a link to a video that has the song :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

The start of something new

So here it is: my first blog entry ever :)

My name is Katharina (or Kathi)and I'm from Germany, but I'm writing in English, because I'm an exchange student in America.

It's kind of obvious why I picked my URL and blogname (well Steph helped me because I'm not very creative. Thank you! ) for the people who know me. For those who don't: I just love music and either listen to it or play/sing it on my own.

As for now, I basically want to tell you about my exchange year here in Saint Cloud, Minnesota that started on Thursday (August 12, 2010), so it's kind of an electronic journal.
It's also way easier for me to report it on a blog than to tell my stories over and over again ^^

So that's me :)

 I hope you continue to read, I will post more soon ^^