Tuesday, September 27, 2011


School started :)

Actually it did about 3 weeks ago already (September 7th), but I didn't find the time yet to write a post about it!
Since our school system is a little different, we don't have the same schedule every day, so this is mine:

  1. Geography
  2. Geography
  3. Social Science/Economics
  4. Social Science/Economics
  5. Biology
  6. Biology
  7. - LUNCH BREAK -
  8. PE
  9. Religion
  1. English
  2. English
  3. - OPEN -
  4. - OPEN -
  5. Social Science/Economics
  6. Biology
  7. - LUNCH BREAK -
  8. - OPEN -
  9. Math
  1. English
  2. Art
  3. - OPEN -
  4. - OPEN -
  5. History
  6. History
  1. German
  2. German
  3. Religion
  4. Religion
  5. PE
  6. PE
  7. - LUNCH BREAK -
  8. Math (extra lesson because I just don't get it xD)
  9. Chemistry
  1. Art
  2. Art
  3. Math
  4. Math
  5. Chemistry
  6. Chemistry
  7. - LUNCH BREAK -
  8. History
  9. Geography
  10. German
We start school at 7.45am and our breaks between class aren't all 5 minutes long, so here are the times to my schedule:

  1. Period: 7.45-8.30
  2. Period: 8.35-9.20
  3. Period: 9.40-10.25
  4. Period: 10.30-11.15
  5. Period: 11.25-12.10
  6. Period: 12.15- 1.00
  7. LUNCH BREAK for 1 hour
  8. Period: 2.00-2.45
  9. Period: 2.55-3.40
  10. Period: 3.45-4.30

My school - Niklas-Luhmann-Gymnasium

That means I get out of school at 3.40pm on Monday, technically 3.40pm too on Tuesday but I have saxophone lesson right after so I'm not home before 4.45pm. On Wednesday school ends at 1pm for every student because the teachers have conferences and on Thursday I'm out at 3.40 again and Friday it's 4.30pm...
School days are sooo long, but occasionally we get some periods off when teachers aren't in school because they are sick or on a class trip. Because my English teacher was gone last week I didn't have to go to school till 11.25am :) That was nice. I miss being able to sleep long in the morning because school doesn't start until 8.20 - I miss Apollo!

Well anyway it feels good to be back in school after my super long vacation this year (from May 26-September 7... my classmates only had from end of July to September :D).

I'm also repeating my year that I 'missed' in school here while I stayed in Minnesota. Turns out to be a really good decision, because a lot of other exchange students I know that are continuing in their old grade are struggling already! My new grade is awesome even if a lot of my classmates are about 2 years younger than I am - I got into 1st grade with 7yrs., most kids are 6 :)

I talked to 8th and 9th graders and their parents about doing an exchange year on our annual information night about exchange programs and it was sooo much fun sharing a couple stories.

Well anyway I'm a little busy too now with getting my driver's license so I don't know when I'll be able to post again...
Hope it'll be soon though!


    Chrissy and Josh Cleveland said...

    How in the world do you remember where you are suppose to be each day? That sounds like a very confusing schedule. Its good to know that you are doing well though.

    Kathi said...

    Hey! Well it does take a really long time to memorize my schedule+rooms for every day, but I guess in about 2 weeks I will be able to remember. For now I just have my schedule in my bag or I just look it up on our board - each grade has a board with the grade's schedule, you'll just have to know who your teachers are and you can get your individual schedule from there!