Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Greater than we can imagine

Micah and I've been to our Winter Church Retreat "Blizzard" last weekend and it was awesome! Unfortunately I didn't took as many pictures as I planned to and the ones that I took aren't that great :(

Our cabin #6
My bed :D

Outside of our cabin

We talked about being rooted in Christ and our speaker used Colossians 2:6-7 to explain what that means.

Our speaker

Colossians 2:6-7
Emily and Elle

Here is our schedule (I'm copying from our program and I know that there were a few changes made but I don't quite remember where...):


4:30   PM   Leave from Calvary
                    Dinner on the way
7:30   PM   Arrive @ Wood Lake Bible Camp
                    Move into cabins
                    Free Time
  8:30 PM   SESSION 1 - Meet in chapel
10:30 PM   Night Game
12:30 AM   Head to cabins
  1:00 AM   Lights out


  8:00 AM   Wake up
  8:30 AM   Breakfast in K.D.A.
10:00 AM   SESSION 2 - Meet in chapel
11:30 AM   Quiet time in chapel
12:00 PM    Lunch in K.D.A.
  1:00 PM   Group Picture
                      - Meet @ Field behind chapel
                      - Dress for outside games

  1:15 PM   Tubicide
  2:00 PM   Free time
  5:30 PM   Dinner in K.D.A.
  6:30 PM   Un-Talent show
  8:00 PM   SESSION 3 - Meet in chapel
10:00 PM   Blizzard Party in K.D.A.


  8:00 AM   Wake up and pack
  8:30 AM   Quiet time - Meet in chapel
  9:00 AM   Brunch in K.D.A.
10:00 AM   SESSION 4 - Meet in chapel
11:30 AM   Move out and clean cabins
12:00 PM   Head home
  3:00 PM   Arrive back @ Calvary

Alec in her 'Rihanna-pose' :D Fun times!


We had lots of funny acts in our UNtalent show and three judges who played like they were the judges from 'American Idol'. It was so funny to watch all that especially because our Simon was very close with his comments to the real one. Because we all knew that she (our Simon was female) wasn't serious it was very funny. At one point she was so mean that the Sound Crew turned off her microphone :D
Here are some videos of different acts we got to see:

Senior Girls dancing Chihuahua:

Use somebody performed by Will, Cody and Andrew/Spoden:

It was a very, very great weekend!

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