Friday, January 21, 2011

Wenn sie diesen Tango hört

Okay it wasn't Tango that we danced but I just love this song! I'm sorry that it's in German.

I walked over to Allie's house. She lives about 5 minutes away and is a friend from school - we have Acting/Theater Class together. I first met her when Karla (a YFU hostmom) took us to her house after the scrapbooking sleepover thing :) Allie's mom is Karla's sister.

Anyways we played "Just Dance 2" and "American Idol" here are some pictures:

The TV with 'Dancefloor' in front of it


.. and her as a superstar.

.. and her singing

By the way this is quite a long time ago - January 5th :)

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