Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bad Day

I am sick again :(
My throat started to hurt again yesterday and now it's very sore (and annoying). It was completely okay for about three weeks after my cold - that I had during TCX - was gone. When I came home I took my temperature: 95.4°F/35.2°C but I thought because I just walked from the bus stop home, it probably wasn't really accurate since it was pretty cold and windy outside. I just took my temperature again and it was 96.1°F/35.6°C.

I have my Solo&Ensemble Contest in Big Lake tomorrow where I play Alto 2 in a Saxophone Quartet, so I guess I have to take some pain reliever before we start playing, because it wasn't that great when we practiced in school today. Please pray for me ;)

We also play the same song (All Breathing Life by Johann Sebastian Bach) for our Talent Show "Night of the Stars". We're playing it a lot slower than they are singing it in that version, but I can't find another one...
The Talent Show is Friday, February 18th and Saturday, February 19th in the Paramount Theater in Saint Cloud. I'm selling voucher tickets (as a fundraiser) for our TARGET club,  so the full money would go to the TARGET club. It's $5 for kids&students and $12 for adults. Otherwise the tickets are $6 for kids&students and $15 for adults at the doors.
The talent show is also for Tech Students and there are a lot of different acts, so not just music :)

Contact me if you're interested in tickets!

1 comment:

br♥di said...

:( gute besserung... mami ist auch krank -.- habta euch etwa abgesprochen!!

eig. würd ich jetzt nen ticket haben wollen aber du warst ja auch nicht beim abikonzert :P :P bääh und deswegen kauf ich jetzt keine!! SO! :D

liebe grüße, gute besserung