Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An die Musik

Solo/Ensemble Band Contest was great last Wednesday! I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot, especially after our Jazz Band performance because the judge gave us tons of advises ;)

We got and 'E' for "Excellent" for both performances which is the second best/right in the middle:


We definitely still had to work more on our quartet, but I feel a lot more comfortable now for the Night of the Stars than I did last week before the contest! Our director wasn't allowed to conduct so the main issue was staying all together in the same tempo. She is conducting for the Talent Show though and we went through it a couple times and it's going pretty well - we also had our sound check at the theater today.

I will sing 'An die Musik' (eng.: 'To music') by Franz Schubert for the Solo/Ensemble Choir Contest that's coming up and I had my lesson for that today. It was so funny to sing German, especially because I'm singing like an American and my (American) teacher had to tell me how to pronounce a couple things.
I really, really like that song and I'm looking forward to the contest.

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