Sunday, December 11, 2011

Don't stop

My blog got a new design :)

I like it a lot and I really hope you do too and will continue reading my blog.
I thought it could use some new color and gadgets so that's why it's green now and has "What I'm writing about" at the right side. I also like it better when the Archive is on the left side and the main blog posts in the center of the blog. If you have any other recommendations about how I could make it look even better, just comment this post or email me ;)

I realized that I don't write really often so I also decided to at least try to change that.
Hope I will be able to do that :D

Oh and I forgot, I also added labels to my posts, I didn't get through all of them yet but I'll finish that as soon as I can... I thought it would help to bring some structure into all of this :)


Steph T said...

I just started adding labels to my posts. I don't think I'll ever get back to adding them to all the old posts. Yikes! ;)

Chrissy and Josh Cleveland said...

Love it

Bohne said...

Hasta tu hermano ecuadoriano va a seguir leyendo.

Even your ecuadorian brother will continue reading.

Sogar dein ecuadorianische Bruder wird weiterhin lesen.

Te quiero
Love you
Hab dich lieb