Saturday, December 31, 2011

Something Beautiful

So here it is - later then I expected - my blog post about December 25th.

On the 25th we did our gift giving at about 1pm instead of doing it on the evening of the 24th. Usually that's how you do it in Germany, but since my mom is a nurse and had to work that night we just did it on the 25th.

This is what I got for Christmas:

  • 5 pair of tights
  • 3 books
  • 2 DVDs
  • a gift certificate for a jewelry store
  • chocolate
  • 2 rolls of film (black and white) that I need for an Art Project
  • a gift certificate to our 'local' book store
Here are a few pictures of the gift giving :)

Our Christmas tree
The presents

Four candles for Advent
Unwrapping my tights :)
dad unwrapping his first present
Got 'To Save a Life' on DVD - Love that movie!!!
Eating my chocolate Santa
My jewelry store gift certificate :)
Loved Christmas!
Post about the 26th comes soon, but now I have to get ready for New Year's Eve :) Guests coming in an hour ;)


Anna Kristine said...

Oh, cool!!! My family makes huge deal about Christmas (which I'm happy about). All in all I got (from family, extended family, and friends) two cds, a manicure/pedicure set, some stencil nail polish, two journals, a book, a movie, a lava lamp, etc... and by the way, Frohe Weihnachten, Kathi!!!

Anna Kristine said...

I forgot about the scarf from Eden!!!