Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Night to Remember

 ... well two nights actually :P

Okay so then finally a new blog post :)
The Night of the Stars: It was sooo much fun to be part of that great show!

At first I didn't even know that I was in the show, then when I found out I didn't want to play but because I felt bad to say I won't play after such a long time I just did play. After the Solo/Ensemble Contest then I felt so comfortable about it that I just thought that we'll do fine.
And by now I'm not really nervous before concerts because I've been in concerts since I'm about 4 or 5. So when we finally had the show it was just awesome. I met a whole bunch of people from Youth Group in the Green Room and before that night I didn't even know that they'll be in the show - I think they didn't know that I was either ;)

We played our quartet in Act 1 (7th performance) and we were able/allowed to watch the rest of the show after that. It was super funny, for example Taylor Latté Boy and its response to it :)

Then when I came home from the show on Friday at around 10pm my friend - Julia who went to the Hockey Game with me - already waited for me. She wanted to see the show and I thought it would be great if she could stay over night from Friday to Saturday and see it on Saturday since she had Basketball practice very long on Friday.
So we watched a movie, ate popcorn and apples with chocolate that I melted (Eden said we would ruin perfect chocolate :D).
On Saturday then there were a couple other exchange students from YFU and also more students from Apollo and from Youth Group that I know. I really, really enjoyed those two shows!
Julia ended up having another sleepover at our house because we figured it would be easier that she would go to church with us on Sunday and her mom would take her home afterward... and we were able to spend more time together of course ;P

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Anna Kristine said...

I think I agree with Eden. Chocolate's best plain. :P