Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Brothers & Sisters

Most of you probably already knew from Facebook or Steph's blog that she is pregnant :)

I'm so excited to get another brother or sister and I just wanted to post pictures of all of my siblings. 
I love every single one of them! 
I'm very glad and grateful to live here now and be blessed with this wonderful family!

Tirzah (1)

Malachi (3)

Joshua (5)

Ezekiel (6)

Caleb (9)

Eden (11)

Micah (13)

Marcel (18) I don't have a portrait of Marcel here on my laptop, sorry, but I like this picture a lot.

Because today was only an orientation for freshman and new students at school I will post about my real first school day tomorrow :)

I have to finish my volleyball sister's presents now because we have a home game tonight versus Sauk Rapids

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"Neffin" said...

The pictures are so wonderful!
They are all so nice!
Have a nice first day at your new school and enjoy it!