Sunday, September 19, 2010

This is your life

Actually it's my life but I don't have a lot of time and a hard time to find a better song, but I think this is pretty good (I love it) :)

I just want to post a few pictures with paper sheets I got in school that you get an idea what I have to do here:

My school :)
School Calendar
Volleyball game flyer
Anatomy & Physiology
Again A&P
And again A&P
College Preparation Algebra
Language Arts 11
Health II

I know that all of the pictures are way to small to be able to read them, but if you click on them another tab will open and there you could zoom (you can do that with every picture I post by the way ^^).
This is your life


brudi said...

are u serious ...

"college preparation alegbra"

:D:D its so incredible easy!

:-P bohne

Kathi said...

Hey Brudi :)

Yeah I know, it's easy... even for me :P And I knew that you would laugh about it :P

Theresa said...

Volleyball :) hope that you won the game ;D
my english is so bad...
kiss :**