Friday, September 24, 2010

We are the champions

Well, not really but that's how we felt yesterday in Fergus Falls where we won our first volleyball match ever  :)
We were sooo super happy the feeling was unbelievable. Unfortunately JV1 and Varsity didn't win, but both of the Freshman teams did.
Here are some picture of the game we had last Thursday in our gym (vs. Technical High School, Saint Cloud). They are not very good because I didn't want to change any settings and just shot snapshots but I think they are okay to show you what our gym and Varsity-team looks like :)


Part of the Tech-fans


During the second period :)

School is so much fun, even if I have a lot of homework to do. Because of volleyball I'm home at about 5.45 pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then I always eat, take a shower, do my homework and go to bed because I'm so super tired. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm usually home at 3.30 pm where I eat, change and go to Apollo again for the home games (if we have an away game I'm not even home at all). JV1, Freshman, and our team stars playing at 5.45 pm and Varsity at about 7 pm, but we always have to stay there so I do my homework in the gym :)

I plan to go shopping tomorrow because I still need some stuff. It starts getting cold here and I don't really have a lot of warm clothes and shoes and since Saturday is my only free day in the week I try to get it done this weekend :)

I'm so excited about Sunday :) It always keeps me through the week. We will go to church from 9 am to about noon and than I go back from 5 to 9 pm for Small Group and Youth Group. I have to bring an item that represents myself for Small Group but I have no clue what I should bring with me :D So if you have ideas I would like to get messages (no comments pleas  in case my Small Group members read this because they shouldn't know what I chose).

Alright I gotta go to bed now, I get home at 5 pm today, ate, took a shower and went back to Apollo for Pep Band at the football game and I get back at 9 pm.. It was freeeezing

...and I'm tired - again .. :)

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Brigitte said...

You´ve won!!!Great great, great!!!
Good luck for the next game,for all of you!!