Friday, September 3, 2010


Unfortunately this title doesn't fit to our volleyball team. Yesterday was my first game (vs. Big Lake) and we lost.

Freshman A: lost
Freshman B: won
JV 2 (my team): lost
JV 1: lost
Varsity: won

It was fun to play and the varsity match was very fascinating! 

That's what I got from my volleyball sisters :) Thanks girls!
So now the question is why winner?! Because you could be a winner! I have to sell 10 tickets for the 
' Apollo Eagles Activities Department 7th Annual 2010-2011 Raffle Fundraiser'. They cost $20 and there are $10.800 to win :)
The Drawing will be held in the Apollo Lobby on September 22, 2010 (1 p.m.), but they publish the monthly winner on the Apollo High School Website.


Daily Drawing: $20
Sundays: $50
New Year's Day: $500
Easter: $100
Memorial Day: $100
Independence Day: $100
Labor Day: $100
Halloween: $100
Thanksgiving: $100
Christmas Day: $1000

I asked my coach and she said that even my family and friends in Germany could buy a raffle ticket and get a chance to win. 
All proceeds go to Apollo Activities!!!
So if you would like to buy a ticket and help us to buy e.g. new jerseys or volleyballs, contact me :) 
I have to give the money to my coach by September 17, 2010 ;)

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