Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Last weekend was great!

We went to the Albertville Outlet Mall on Saturday :) It was so much fun and we - that is Eden, Zeke, Malachi, Mitch, Steph and her two friends Kelly and Karri and me - shopped a lot!

I got...
... 2 new pairs of shoes:

... 5 new t-shirts:
                          a khaki one from Aeropostale
                          a pink one from Aeropostale
                          a gray one from Converse
                          a light blue one from Converse
                          a dark blue one from Converse (it looks more black in this picture)

... 2 new dresses (that I'm wearing as long tops :D):
                         a blue one from Aeropostale
                         a pink/blue/white/khaki one from Aeropostale

... 3 pairs of Nike Footie Socks

... and finally! something that Dad will like and Mom will hate just because I already have 'enough': a watch :) I love it it's from Fossil and I always wanted one, but they are so expensive. It still wasn't cheap but compared to the $80-$120 that you usually have to pay it was very good!
Here it is:

The clock face looks actually kind of pearly so that it doesn't seem silver like in the picture, but - depending on the light - pink, white, green or yellowish :)

It was sooo much fun :)

Apart from that a friend from band and I tried to figure out how to play 'Clocks' together yesterday. She memorized it (she's playing piano) so we basically just had to figure out what I have to play. It was so much fun just to jam around a little and we definitely have to repeat that again!


Anonymous said...

Das erste Kleid ist wunderschön! Das will ich auch ;)
Bald bist du wieder da - und ich freu mich schon auf dich :*


Micha said...

Ah yes, that clock looks pretty awesome!
Nice to hear you had a great day.

Love you - daddy

Maren said...

Die Uhr sieht ja klasse aus... Gliiiitzer :) Würd mir auch gut gefallen :) Freu mich wenn du wieder da bist!
Onkelin (oder wie das war?!)