Sunday, March 20, 2011

Die beste Zeit deines Lebens

Last Saturday a couple other exchange girls (Pippu, Nina, Eva, Julia, Seno, Christin, Kim and Anne-Marie), George, Mitch and I went down to The Cities to the Mall of America to get our dresses for prom at the Operation Glass Slipper Event that was hold in a big room in the mall.

Eden took a couple pictures while we all got our dresses - just us girls, Mitch and George had to stay outside :D

Measuring to find the right size

My 'Fairy Godmother' for the day, she was helping me with everything

There were toooons of dresses
My Prom Dress ... with purse and shawl

Group Picture

After that we all went shopping for about 2 hours before we headed back home. This mall is huge! I think you would  need weeks to be able to go to every single store :)

So yeah, we had a great time.

But I also know my date when I have to go back to Germany and when I tried to find a song for this post just now I ended up with 'Die beste Zeit deines Lebens/The best time of your life' because it talks about not wasting the time you have and I thought that would fit perfectly!

In my case this time (that I shouldn't waste) is 143 days long and ends on July 28th, 2011. I'll be back in Germany on July 29th, so 8 days before my 17th birthday. So all in all I will spend almost a whole year here in America because I left only 6 days after my birthday last year... :)

My original date was June 23rd, but I really wanted to stay one month longer and YFU students from Germany have the possibility to change their going-back-home-date as long as their visa is still okay :)

Here are the lyrics for the song in English:

Best time of your life

Everything just circles around itself
The world in which you fail again and again
And when you think you can't go on anymore
The next step is often not so hard
It's often easier than you think
If only you stay true to your will
You can achieve more than you believe
Even when it takes away your strength
This here is the best time of your life
What are waiting for in vain?
The time ticks
Like a bomb before the explosion
If you want it you can do it
You listen to Nirvana to cry
Come stack away the old photos
Paint new pictures in your heart
For short while just forget the old pain
It's not forbidden to stand still
To look ahead again
Enjoy every single moment
Make way for your talent
You are grieving for the old times
You are alone and believe in nothing anymore
Hope is far away for you
Feelings only on the internet
Every day is the same for you
Everything gray in gray and without aim
You lose heart with every small thing that happens
But after ebb there's a flood coming

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