Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Let it snow

Ahh it's snowing again!

Don't get me wrong! I like the snow and I'm more than glad that I'm in Minnesota and not in Texas or somewhere else where it's already warmer than normal summer temperatures. But I started to like the 40°F/4°C :) It felt so warm I didn't even bring a coat when I went to school.

Anyway as Steph already posted we have snow since last night and because it's icy too the schools were closed today. I really couldn't believe that's true. We never had a day of or even a late start because of the snow. Sometimes the activities after school were canceled or one time we had a 2 hour early out but that's it.
Today our Boys Basketball Team is playing for State in at the University of Minnesota/Minneapolis and a lot of people wanted to go down there with the bus including our Pep Band. So originally I was supposed to go down there to play the Saxophone with our band but because of the weather there was no bus going down there and I got to stay home the whole day :)

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