Thursday, June 9, 2011

Everything Burns

First of all the lyrics don't really fit, but the title totally does!

I have a huge, very bad sunburn on my legs and arms :(
I decided to go outside to read my book Wuthering Heights (thanks Laura for borrowing it to me), because it was only about 75°F - compared to the 100°F from Tuesday - I thought it wouldn't be so super warm that I would get a sunburn... well bad thinking.

I think I had about 2 hours total of sleep last night because I can't sleep on my tummy, but my sunburn is mostly on the back of my legs so sleeping on my back wasn't really comfortable either.

It's burning a lot and it's really, really, really red :(

I tried taking pictures, but they don't look anything like it really is. I also wasn't really motivated to keep taking pictures until I have a "real" one :D


Kathi´s Mom said...

I will hope, you feel better soon!!! :(

Micha said...

Poor little girl... ):
Hopefully you have learned your lesson and will use a sunblocker in the future! I wish you a fast amelioration, so you can enjoy the fine weather carefully... :)
♥ - Daddy

corrie said...

oh yeah i know how you feel... had the same in fidji and even had to wear long trousers in the evening because of the mozzies. hurt so bad..
but hey, you'll probably look rly tanned when the red is gone, that's how it was in my case^^
your cousin