Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Give me your eyes

Operation St. Cloud was great!

I'm really sorry that I didn't post about it earlier, but I just never felt very motivated to write everything down. If you read Steph's Blog you already know that it was a really great idea. It was basically a missions trip but we did all the ministry work in St. Cloud. We stayed about 20 minutes from town in the Riverside Resort in Richmond, Minnesota.
The five girls of our team, Kenna, Kaitlin, Katie, Rachel and I, stayed in Cabin 14 and the 7 boys, Jordan, Will, Darris, Colton, Trey, Caleb and Josh stayed in Cabin 10.

We left on Monday at 11am from Calvary... well actually that's when we met there to pack everything up so we probably didn't left until 11.45. We head out to go on a Prayer Drive - we stopped at the Dream Center, Downtown in front of the Court House , Federal Building and Catholic Church; St. Cloud Hospital, Place of Hope, and at Southside Park where we did the VBS. We then also walked around and handed out flyers to kids for our Vacation Bible School. We then went to our Cabins where we unloaded everything, played volleyball (lots of fun!), ate, took showers, talked about the next day: what we would do for VBS etc., and we had Devotional Time and a Camp Fire.

A 'normal' day looked kind of like this:

  7.30am Getting up and ready
  8.30am Breakfast
  9.00am Devotional Time
10.00am Prepare Lunch Bags
10.30am Leave the Resort and drive to St. Cloud
11.00am Set up for VBS
11.30am Go out and ask kids to come
12.00pm Start playing with the kids
12.30pm Do the craft and snack after that the drama and lesson
  1.00pm Pack everything up and drive to Lake George for Lunch
  2.30pm Leaving the Park and going to the Dream Center
  6.30pm Heading back to the cabins

What we did at the cabins kind of changed in time every day but we basically discussed what we did so far and what we wanted to do the next days.

I really enjoyed the whole 'Operation' :)

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