Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Glorious Day

Last Friday and Saturday - so two glorious days actually - I stayed at Laura's house.
Mitch took me over there at around 5 or 6pm and pretty soon we walked to Dairy Queen because it was so hot outside! It was great!

When we were home we started watching Mamma Mia! and later on The Lake House. We had so much fun and I think we finally fell asleep at around 1.30am :D

The next morning she had a hard time waking me up ^^ She said she let her alarm ring, put it on music, she played music on her phone and hold it next to my head, and then she eventually poked me and I woke up. It was funny because I just put all her other waking-kathi-up-attempts in my dream. So when she played music, I was listening to it in my dream and when the alarm clock went of I just dreamed that some random alarm clock went off - but definitely not mine :) I told that next time she should just start playing songs from my cell phone because those are the ones that I use as an alarm and I will be up right away.

Anyway, we had breakfast (outside!) and we then started to work in her garden. It was fun! I watered all her flowers and sprayed water on her too :)

It is so incredibly hot lately and there are way too many Minnesota State Birds around! It's always somewhere between 70°F-95°F (21°C-35°C).

At about 12.30 we stopped and took showers and got ready to leave and go downtown. We rode the bus which took us about 4 minutes. We walked around and stopped at a couple antique stores - I just love them they always have so much fun stuff!

Anyways at 2 o'clock I had an appointment with Jodi to get my hair cut. It just got to annoying - to long, so super warm around my neck now since it's so warm, but still to short to be able to put it all up in a pony tail!
I told Jodi that I want it short and she asked me 'How short?'. I told her to just cut it really short :D She said 'Okay, I like that that's so much fun.' (just cutting, she said it's more art that way.) She is so funny.

I really like this new haircut! My last one was exactly 3 months ago (March 4) on Saturday.

I tried to take pictures of the new haircut but I really don't like them so you'll have to wait until there is a good picture :D


Micha said...

Your haircut looks so awesome - I was able to see it - :)
Love, Daddy

Laura said...

that was sooo much fun! wish i could have hung out with you yesterday too! we will have to do something when i get back :) and your hair is SO CUTE! love it! :)