Saturday, October 2, 2010


Finally there's a new blog post :)

As a few of you (the Facebook-readers) already know, we won our second game :)
It was a home game this Thursday vs. Brainerd and it was sooo much fun! Rhonda - our coach - had made a deal with us before we started playing: If we win one of the three games, we would get chocolate chip cookies afterward. When we won the first one she said if we would win the whole match, we wouldn't have practice the next day (Friday). So we just went to 'practice' to finally get our volleyball clothes (t-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts) and talked for about an hour.

We also had our homecoming kickoff on Friday where they presented the homecoming (king&queen) candidates, the homecoming week themes for each day (Hippie Day, Fake injury, Workout, Pajama, Spirit Day) and then the teacher played basketball vs. the students.

For those of you who follow Steph's blog as well probably already know that I'm pretty busy with my full schedule. Sometime I really think I'm getting crazy because I'm never at home and I don't see my family, so that I miss them when I'm out of the house - which is ridiculous, how would it be once I'm back in Germany?!

And now that I had my first YFU Orientation today (which was awesome) I feel horrible because we had a couple of sheets where they ask how many time we spend together with our family and what kind of activities we're doing together. I really try hard to spend time with them but it's just so hard with all my volleyball practice and the games (I'm glad that I have my last game on October 19th). Don't get me wrong, I really love to play volleyball and the experience of being a team member and get to know the American team spirit is awesome, but I feel like I'm drifting away from my family. 
That thought is running through my head for like a week now and I can't find anything to change that feeling except getting an 48-hour-day. 

I planned to skype with my brother Marcel and I forgot about the YFU Orientation so I send him a message via facebook that it's going to be later, but he didn't had the time 'later' so we couldn't skype again (he was at his girlfriend's house the last time I skyped with my family). The last time I talked to him is over a month ago and now the emotions kind of overwhelm me. I won't say that I'm homesick, because I really don't want to go home (sorry Germany). It's more that I miss the feeling of family, simply because I'm never home to be part of it :(  
(I don't know why but I'm kind of too emotional today.)

When I wrote this Eden came into the room and asked me if I would like to watch Letters to God. I said yes, because I reeeeeally wanted to watch it ^^ 
When we watched it, Zeke came and laid down next to me - and gave me the family feeling I need :) 
All of these kids are amazing! I'm so glad to be here :)

P.S.: I got an A+ in Language Arts and Math  :)

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Anonymous said...

:-* hey schwesterchen,

after i read your entry i have a bad conscience now :( sorry that i didnt make it possible to be at home yesterday. If only I had known that your are that emotional, I would have canceld "Reinholdi" and skyped to you...

sorry for that.. please don´t be to sad :(

just suggest a new date and i swear i will be waiting in front of my computer until you come to skype with me!