Saturday, August 28, 2010

Girls just want to have fun

Today I went to the Minnesota State Fair in Minneapolis. It was so much fun even if it was super hot and a lot to walk :D

Here are some pictures I took from the Skytower:

There were lots of different offers and a lot of people :)
Right in front of the Skytower
The whole State Fair
I only took pictures from the Skytower because it was so super hot and I wasn't motivated enough to get my camera out of my back and put it back in there all the time. I also thought that these pictures show enough of the fair... and besides: I couldn't take pictures of every single flower, corn or all the other things which won the competitions :)

I wrote with my mom today via Facebook and she said that it was not very clear if I'm going to be a Senior or Junior. I didn't recognize that, I'm sorry, and now for everybody: I'm a Senior :)

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Kathi´s Mom said...

I enjoyed to chat with you via facebook. Ily