Thursday, October 21, 2010

Last Time

 So on Monday was my last volleyball practice :(    :)
:(  Because I had an awesome time, being part of a team, being another 'sister' and playing volleyball in general

:) Because I finally have more time for my family and homework so that I don't have to stay up till midnight during the week (today doesn't count it's MEA Break tomorrow and Friday!), my knees hurt very bad so that I feel like I'm 120 years old (I can't go up/down the stairs without pain...) so I hope that it will go away now!

I took a few pictures of my last time at volleyball practice and because I already had the camera in my bag I thought I could take some photos of my neighborhood, the school bus, and my classroom (one of the 7):

Way to the bus station (takes me about 1 minute to go there :P)


Bus is coming

My Symphonic Band music folder

Symphonic Band Class room (my locker is one of the yellow ones)

Last time setting up the nets

Aren, Taylor, Emily and Amanda

Weight room: The road to success leads through these doors (see phrase over the door :P)


Rhona, my coach (Taylor kind of likes 'leaning' pictures...)



Favorite: Running around the entire school, YUPPIE! (not)

Waiting for the serve


The 'bench'

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