Thursday, October 21, 2010

Old MacDonald had a farm

Right after Caleb, Eden, and Mitch picked me up we went to the bank, home, changed clothes, picked our beans for the Potluck up, went to Mitch Dad's house to pick up Eva and then finally head to the farm.

Okay, so what farm?! George, one of our friends from YFU and Church knows the owner of a farm and arranged that we exchange students and our family can go there. When we arrived, we talked a lot to the other students/host family members. After about an hour we went outside to see the horses and after that we ate some food before we went outside again to drive around the property on a hay wagon.

Some pictures:

A silo

Two of the about 50 horses... or 40 I don't know :)

Mitch, Caleb, and Eden

Pippu (exchange student from Finland)

On the hay wagon tour (sightseeing :P)

Group picture on the wagon tour

Pippu on the wagon

One of the large corn fields

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