Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pictures of you

Today we had our homecoming (football) game at Apollo were I played in Pep Band and helped out with Concessions during the 3rd quarter. I was home at about 4 or 5 pm and we left to take some family pictures in St. Johns. Here are some pictures I took (not just of family :)

Micah and Tirzah on their way to the photo shooting :)

Second place where we took the family pictures

The forest next to the lake

Eden (I like this picture a lot!)

Micah and Caleb joking around ;)

Caleb and Eden joking around :D

Mitch, Steph and Tirzah

Malachi (so cute!)

Joshua ^^

A very cool inscription for a figure of an Indian woman

Here she is

The sunset

... from a different position

Steph taking some picture of the sunset :)

The trees "bursting into flames"

And another point of view on the beautiful sunset
By the way, our homecoming dance was yesterday. I wanted to take pictures and when I took my second one it said 'No memory'. 
I forgot to put the memory card from my laptop back into the camera :(


Kathi´s Mom said...

Nice place, where you took the pictures. I like them and I like the pictures from "Stephs blog" very well. :D

Micha said...

Your pictures are so awesome, you have really improved your skills in taking pictures!!! Proud again...

To talk about your drama with the memory card - I think by now you know why I allways have a second one... but remember - the pictures in your head will allways be there!

Lots of love and kisses daddy