Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A night to remember

Wow it's been a while again :)
So I'm going to post more posts during MEA Break and on the weekend to have everything seperate :-P

Starting with our Senior High School sleepover at Calvary:

It was sooo amazing, we had so much fun ;)
It was from last Friday (Oct. 15) ~7PM to last Saturday (Oct. 16) ~9.45AM.
We started with playing some games (Twister,...), dancing (Chihuahua) and eating some food. I don't remember the 100%-right order (I should probably try to post right away the next time...) but time ran very fast and we had a fashion show, a woman who goes to our church as well (Angel) told us about her life and gave us tips what we probably shouldn't do and we sang worship songs for about half an hour ^^
We talked a lot between the different activities and time ran very fast.
Another thing we did was:
We all sat in a circle and Kari had a band of ribbon. She hold one end and throw the rest to another girl, then she was supposed to hold her part and throw the ribbon to the next girl so that we eventually all were part of a very weird star thing of ribbon :D Every time you throw the ribbon to another girl you said something to her, what you admire about her, why you want to get to know her more, etc. It was so awesome to hear all these things :) At the end, when everybody got the ribbon we cut it in pieces and we are now wearing them as a bracelet or around or ankle to remind us that there's always something about us that is awesome :)

Here are some pictures:

Cami (sorry when I spell your name wrong!), Kari, Rachel, Alex and Becky.

Fashion show

I love you girls it was sooo much fun!

Kari, Becky and Rachel (our leaders)

Part of the awesome decoration of the Youth Room

Door to the hallway

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