Thursday, October 21, 2010


On Tuesday we had our last volleyball game and it was also Senior Night. It was so amazing even if we lost again.
→That's why I chose the song, right in the beginning Chris sings: 'Just because I'm loosing doesn't mean I'm lost!' And I absolutely love the song :)

Because it was Senior Night all seniors were supposed to make a poster with pictures of themselves on it. They hand them on the front door and made also made posters with our names where a lot of the teammates (not all 60 girls who were in the volleyball program but about 20...) signed and wrote something for us.
When Freshmen, JV2 and JV1 end their games the seniors (there were 4 of us) came on the court and there were always two girls who read something about you. After that they gave us the cutest baskets ever with awesome stuff in them:

1 'We ♥ our seniors' Shirt
1 'We ♥ our seniors' PJ-Shorts
1 Self-made pillow in our favorite color
4 Chocolate bars with special sayings
1 container of red and blue (Apollo Colors!!!) M&M's
1 Zip-lock bag of M&M's (all colors)
1 bottle of M&M's with special sayings
2 Tootsie pops in Red and Blue with another cool saying
2 Handkerchiefs with Apollo printing on them 

It was awesome!

Here are some pictures of the things and also a picture of one of my roses that I got from Mitch on parents night. They are kind of dead by now and I forgot to take a picture when I got them so I tried my best to make it look beautiful :D

The Tootsie Pops
The handkerchief with the M&M's
My volleyball wall now... with the poster they made for me and all the sister things I got
The poster
...and again
The poster I made for the entry doors.
The 'thing' about me in the program

One of my roses Mitch gave to me on Parents night
The pillow they made for me
...and the shorts.. sorry it's very, very dark (they are gray)
The t-shirt in neon yellow

The basket

...and again

 The candy I got
The Zip-lock bag of M&M's
And the chocolate bars

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