Friday, December 24, 2010

East to West

From east to west that's how much I love you :)

In this trailer for "Letters to God" (I watched it a second time a couple of days ago) the child and the mom show each other how much they love each other. The mom presses her thumb and digital together and says: 'That's how much I love you' and the boy says: 'That's not a lot.' and then the mom says: 'Yes it is, it starts here (she's pointing at her finger) and goes all around the world and ends here (she moves her arm around the fingers and points at her thumb). I think it is super cute (that part is from 1:49-1:51) and it fits very good to the song of this blog post.

So here's your birthday cake even if you already saw it when we skyped:

The cake still half way in its form and with Mitch's fingers as ears :)

First layer of 'frosting' (Powdered sugar with water)

And the final cake with sugar crystals!

I think it's a perfect Birthday Cake for a 19-year-old :)

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