Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Here with us

I got my class ring today :)

I don't like my birthstone color so I decided to go with the school color ;)

Since we don't have class rings in Germany - not that I know of at least... - I thought it would be a great reminder of my High School (Senior) year here in America ;)

School was a lot of fun today. I played Baritone Saxophone because our player in band is not able to play anymore and my teacher asked me if I would like to try it until Christmas break. It was very cool because it's basically a lot easier to play (you don't have to be as tight around the mouthpiece compared to playing Alto). But I got a little headache afterward because it's vibrating kind of because the music is so low :D However it was fun ^^

And tomorrow I will visit a German class (it's their 3rd year) in my 7th period because I have open in US History - I'm excited :)

I love this song (Here with us by Joy Williams)! Steph played it on Youtube yesterday when we were wrapping the presents :)

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