Monday, December 13, 2010

This is home

Okay, I realized that I never wrote about this topic :)
I really do feel like I'm home! This afternoon for example when I was riding the bus home, I thought about what classes I should pick for next year and then I realized that I already picked them... in Germany.
Right now it doesn't feel like I'm in another country (which is not my home country) at all. It is so cool but on the same time a little bit weird. I try not to think about the fact that I have to go home next year (which already starts in 19 days :O). Isn't that crazy? 

And Christmas is next week. Don't get me wrong I'm very excited about that and it's not like I don't have this 'Christmas feeling': today it was -15°F/-26°C at one time →definitely not summer temperatures, we are wrapping Christmas presents, there are tons of snow outside and lots of very Christmaslooking lights, not forgetting the Christmas/Advent stories :)


br♥di said...

I definately like the idea of you coming home next year ! :P

Kathi said...

Yeah, but your probably gone a couple of days after my arrival so what's the point about you being happy, that I'm back in Germany? How was your interview btw?

Kathi said...

Oh just read your other comment :D Cool, sounds very good, text me as soon as you can about their answer, I want to know! ;)

Anna Kristine said...

I'm gonna miss you when you go.