Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We wish you a Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everybody - even if I'm a little late ;)

My Christmas was definitely one of the best ones ever!

On Christmas Eve we already got blankets and new sheets (super super soft fleece once!). They are so awesome and incredibly warm, you just have to love them ^^ We all watched 'Elf' and Mitch and I were working on a blanket (he said that we have to make 40 in a week because we'd give them away by the end of the year). Towards/at the end of the movie the boys all got their new blankets with Star Wars, Lego, Batman and Spiderman on them and Eden got a Hannah Montana blanket. And I could just keep the one that we just made. I then remembered that I asked Steph one time if I could make my own fleece blanket (I saw them the first time on our Volleyball Field Trip to Fergus Falls) and she said, 'Maybe we should just wait till Christmas'. It was very cool to make my own present :)

(On the 25th) I got up at 8am and helped Micah finish the pancakes which we all ate at around 8.30. When we were done eating we read the last part of our Advent Story "Tabitha's Travels" and Eden read the Christmas Story. Unwrapping all the presents took a very long time, because we unwrapped one at a time. I think that way is a whole lot more fun rather than just give everybody their presents and be done in 30 minutes, because we all got to see what the others got.

Here are some pictures:


Baby Jesus

Tirzah's first Christmas present this year ;)

Mitch reading "Tabitha's Travels"

Malachi and Josh attacking Mitch after he said it's nap time when we were about to open the presents :D

Micah - what could be in here?! -

Tirzah and her new baby

... a very hungry baby.

One of my first Christmas presents - I love it :)

My present for everybody - a game that my mom sent from Germany

Zeke opening his first present from me

... and the second one ;)

When opened all the presents, we had about 40 minutes left to clean all the wrapping paper etc. up, before Paul, Marilyn and Eva arrived - Holly, Kyle, Aidan, Audrey and Hailey came a couple minutes afterward. We ate, played games and made videos with Elfyourself - it was very, very funny!
So here are some more pictures:

Eva taking a picture of me :)

The buffet :)

All of my presents (I got very warm socks too but I was wearing them when I took the picture)

My blanket, Reese's shirt, Minnesota shirt and gift certificates for Plato's Closet
Soap and lotion that I share with Eden :)

Here is the present that I was curious about for over a month: the one that I got from my family in Germany. It's a charm (treble clef) for my Thomas Sabo Armband .

I love it!

Best buddies!

I was so excited about the next one! It's the Bible but in German and English. The left side of the page is always in German (Luther Bible) and the right one is the English version (ESV). It is so helpful because I just have to look on the other half of the page - I don't have to look the word up in the dictionary or on the Internet. I've seen this kind of a Bible before, because one of the Korean students in my Bible Study Group has one in Korean and English :)
When we wrapped the presents we just put numbers on them and Mitch had a list with the presents and their numbers. On Christmas we picked one present at a time, Mitch told us who it's for and the person who got it got to choose the next present. When my Bible (Number  60) was picked, Mitch said I probably want to put it aside and wait till the end to open it, because it's the best one of all - I totally agree! It was so awesome to unwrap this:

Best present ever! - Thank you Steph and Mitch!

My gift cards for Plato's Closet

And a flashlight - we got a huge pack with I think 10 lights from Marilyn and Paul.

Thank you everybody for the presents - that certainly includes friends and family from Germany who sent me money so that I can buy my own presents over here! They are so awesome, I love every single one of them.

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