Monday, December 13, 2010

Speed of Sound

Wow, time ran so fast! I didn't realize that it's been that long ago since I posted my last blog post ... over 2 weeks, I'm very sorry :(
But not 'just' these two weeks: I arrived on America four month ago, but it feels like it's been maybe about 2 month at most!
My first trimester of American High School is over, too. I really like my two new classes, but the other ones were very cool, too. I have Psychology instead of Health II and Acting/Theater Workshop instead of Language Arts 11, so that's what my schedule looks like right now:

Anatomy & Physiology
College Preparation Algebra
(30 minutes lunch)
Acting/Theater Workshop
Women's Choir
Symphonic Band
US History

I also (still) have Jazz Band on Tuesdays before school (7.30-8.10) and 'Planning Room' every Day 6 ;)
I really, really enjoy Acting/Theater! It is so much fun and a very cool change from the classes where we always sit in the classroom. Last Wednesday we went on the stage and did warm-ups and at one time we were supposed to lay down on the floor and close our eyes. We should imagine that somebody pours warm wax in our toe and it goes up into the rest of our body. It was so relaxing I almost fell asleep :D You know this feeling when all the noises are very fare away?! ;)
I am so glad that I can attend in classes that I really enjoy but which probably also help me when I really become a pediatrician. Anatomy & Physiology for example is very, very interesting (but also kind of hard) and it helps me immense to understand the human body and its function better. Health II was very helpful to get to know what happens if you 'do not take care of your own body' and what impact your lifestyle has on your own health and others. I enjoy Psychology also but right know I don't really know what I should write about it since I just started last week ;)

So that would be my report card from Trimester 1:

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br♥di said...

First of all it is just nice to hear that you are all right!

By the way congratulations =) You´ve almost the same marks that i have ... :D good job!

My interview on saturday was great even though i was too late because of really really bad traffic... but it was not a big deal at all.

So that I had my one-on-one conversation after the first introduction. I just remembered what you told me to say (like the learning-together-thing ect. pp.) so I guess I made a quite good job.

In the following we had some group discussions about the whole project and stuff ... which also passes off very good.

So that I am all in all in a good temper and very eager to receive their answer (maybe in 2 -3 weeks).

I´ll let you know the results!

Hab dich lieb, br♥di