Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I have a great surprise for everybody!

Since we only get 7 tickets per senior for the Graduation, I don't have enough tickets to invite all the people I want to :(

BUT Apollo will have a livestream of the Graduation Ceremony online!!! :)
So everybody will be able to watch me ^^
The Graduation starts at 7:30pm local time (Central Time) so it would be 2:30am in Germany!
I know it's super early in Germany but I think I know that at least my mom will watch it... if she doesn't have to work :)

The Apollo Website has the link to the video too but just in case here it is on my blog too now :)

Have fun, I hope I won't fall, that would be very embarrassing!


Kathi´s Mom said...

Have fun!!! ♥

Micha said...

Have a lot of fun... and of course we will watch!!!
Your silly parents ♥

Kathi´s Mom said...

Yay!!! Awesome!
We have seen you and we are soooooo... proud of you! Ly
Your parents :)