Sunday, May 1, 2011

Zu schnell vorbei

First of all here are the answers for the 5 Mastery Test Questions I posted last time:

1d)    Rheumatic Fever damages the valves of the heart.
2a)    The visceral pericardium is also know as the epicardium.
3a)b) The structures that prevent the mitral and tricuspid valves from swinging into the atria during ventricular contraction are the cordae tendineae and papillary muscles.
4c)    The aortic bodies containing pressoreceptors and chemoreceptors are located in the aortic sinuses.
5a)    Venous blood flow is maintained by all but which of the following factors blood pressure.

Now then my report about our Scrapbooking Sleepover :)
Karla picked us up at the mall at 5pm on Friday and took us to her house in Kimball where we had the Winter Fun Day too earlier this year.

Karla also took me to the Fire Department - her husband is a fire fighter - where we picked up some tables for the scrapbooking.

That was in front of the building

The Fire Department of Kimball

Star Spangled Banner and POW-MIA Flag

A picture that they have in the building

Just in case you couldn't see it -there is German!

And she let me put on a fire fighter outfit. It was her husbands since he was out of town and they wouldn't need it in case there was a fire somewhere. We took a lot of pictures and it was a lot of fun. So here for my daddy in Germany who is a volunteer fire fighter himself a couple pictures of your little daughter :)

Me putting the shoes and pants on
With the jacket on too
... and the helmet :)
With one of the fire trucks
The oldest truck they had - they don't use it though
And the most interesting truck for me - the ambulance

Well I didn't take any pictures while we were scapbooking but it was basically as messy as last time :D We had a lot of fun and I got 16 pages done - makes a total of 31 super heavy but beautiful pages ;)

Here are some pictures of the pages!

Page about being Student of the Month (Note from Principal, Letter and Certificate)
Schoolpaper on the right and Schedule, notes and Report Card left
Whole Year Schedule, School map, Name tag left and Assignments right
Family pictures from October - Tirzah, Malachi, Josh and Zeke
More family pictures - Caleb, Eden, Micah and Kathi
Steph and Mitch, Family picture
The day we took the family pictures
And more of those
Just to show you how big it is already - Christmas, Easter etc. missing!

I think it is very big already and I didn't even start with the pages about Christmas, TCX, Blizzard, Easter etc.

When we were too tired to continue scrapbooking on Friday night (about 3am) we laid down started watching Centerstage. It's one of my favorite movies so I watched it about 15 times already and was way to tired to focus. I think I fell asleep about half way through the movie :)

Doing all this scrapbooking I always realize how fast time is passing... that's why I picked "Zu schnell vorbei" as a title which means "Over too quickly" or "Gone too quickly". I really like Clueso's music.

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Micha said...

Very cute, my little firefighter!
And I love the pages of your scrapbook!
LOK Daddy