Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Message

... to the two best mom's on earth!

Mom kissing me on our last vacation together
 My mom ...
  • ... is always there for me
  • ... knows me very well (sometimes maybe a little too much :D)
  • ... is a very good person to go shopping with!
  • ... is amazing
  • ... is generous
  • ... is sometimes a little selfless
  • ... is very far away right now
  • ... does a lot of things for me for which I never really thanked her before
So here it is: Thank you for all what you have done for me! For supporting me in everything I do, for understanding when I don't want to do something. For loving me no matter what, for telling me you love me. For being proud of me and counting down the days until we will see each other again :)

I love you so much for who you are and what you've done for me!

Steph sitting in the living room

My (host) mom...
  • ... is admirable (just read the next couple things and you will get a clue why!)
  • ... just had her eighth child 
  • ... is doing daycare
  • ... is "29" years old :)
  • ... likes her iPod and camera a lot
  • ... taught me a lot of things
  • ... opens her house for a lot of people (e.g. Patrick, Hope, me... ^^)
I would like to thank you, too. For letting me be "No. 11/Goldberry" of your family. For opening your house for me. For always reminding me to do things when I forget it (turn in forms for YFU etc.). For supporting me throughout this whole year. For giving me a ride whenever I need one.
I love talking to you about medicine and "Creation vs. Evolution".

Thank you so much, for who you are - Don't let other people judge you!

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Kathi´s Mom said...

A lot of tears in my eyes... - Love you so much!!! ♥

By the way - 82 days...! :))