Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Time to say Goodbye

Today was my last school day :(

I will go back tomorrow for the Senior breakfast but officially I'm done with all my classes. I'm planning to visit some teachers/classes next week though, but I'm not sure if that's possible.

We got our Yearbooks last Friday so I already have a lot of notes from people in there for me that make me quit emotional!

I decided to post a couple of them just to give you a hint of how great my friends are... and the teachers that signed it too :)

From my Anatomy&Physiology teacher:
Kathi - It was such a pleasure having you in Anatomy! Your work ethic & dedication were such great examples for other students! I wish you all the best in you future endeavors. I'm honored to have had you as a student! Please keep in touch!
A friend from Band:
Kathi! Loved having you here! You were so much fun in band... and as always I love your shoes! I'm going to miss you so much next year... keep in touch! You're an amazing sax player as well as a wonderful friend to have! I'll never forget you!
Another friend from Band:
Kathi! It's soooooo nice to know you! You are always so happy and you make people around you happy too!!! ♥ I'll miss you!
 A friend from Choir:
Kathi! You are awesome + I'm gonna miss you so much! When I was feeling sad I would see you + be happy! You are always so happy! Stay beautiful! ♥
Another friend from Choir:
Ooo, BLANK PAGE ( - the whole page she was going to write on was blank ^^)! Haha well to Kathi! You are such an awhmayzing singer. Like honestly when you sing I'm in 'AWH'! Haha I'm awhmayzed by you. Another thin I absolutely ♥ about yo is that your smile is oh so beautiful! I'm going to MISS that the most! You're an awhmayzing person and don't you ever forget that! I hope you enjoyed your time in the United States! Well I love you, and any time you need someone to talk to I'm here :)
My choir teacher:
Kawtie ( - I love the way he spells it ^^) - always love having exchange students in my classes - especially from Germany! You have been such a wonderful addition to the choir and I know I have learned much from you. Your energy, professionalism and personality have made you so vital to us - and your willingness to try new things is simply admirable. I am so happy and proud of your solo - not many exchange students do this! So - you're awesome!! Always remember your Apollo family and we will never forget you! Congratulations on a really incredible experience. Have a wonderful summer and last years of school in Germany! Stay in touch and always remember to smile!! Bis später, mein Freund! ~ the choir guy! =)   (He was in Germany for a 5 week exchange and went to Germany last summer so he knows quit a bit of German... he wrote 'See you later, my friend!')
From the Japanese Exchange Student at my school:
I'm not sure if I found this right on Google but what he wrote means Thank you :)

I am so glad that I decided to buy a yearbook even though they are pretty expensive. It is just so cool to have all your friends sign it... another reason why I don't want school to be over, not everybody signed it yet xD

I will miss everybody sooo much! Love you all :)

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Micha said...

Wow - I´m so proud of my "little daughter"!!! I knew you will make it, when you went to the USA...
All your friends from school seem to be "real close friends"
I hope you enjoy your last few weeks, but I´m happy to have you back home soon♥♥♥