Monday, August 16, 2010

The start of something new

So here it is: my first blog entry ever :)

My name is Katharina (or Kathi)and I'm from Germany, but I'm writing in English, because I'm an exchange student in America.

It's kind of obvious why I picked my URL and blogname (well Steph helped me because I'm not very creative. Thank you! ) for the people who know me. For those who don't: I just love music and either listen to it or play/sing it on my own.

As for now, I basically want to tell you about my exchange year here in Saint Cloud, Minnesota that started on Thursday (August 12, 2010), so it's kind of an electronic journal.
It's also way easier for me to report it on a blog than to tell my stories over and over again ^^

So that's me :)

 I hope you continue to read, I will post more soon ^^


Bohne said...

i´m the first !!! wuhu!!

and of course i´ll follow your blog in future ;)

have a great time and lots of fun,

brudi ♥

Theresa said...

kathii (:
I'm the second. Hahaa ;)
I hope, you feel good in your family, but bohne already said, that everything is fine =)
I miss you ♥

Daddy said...

Hi Kathi, so I´m third and still on the "podium"! ;o)
It was nice to see you´ve got your blog started. I think I can speak for all of us, when I say, we are eager to see and read more from you!
So keep going!
It was nice to skype with you!!!

Lot of kisses - Mom and Dad!

Maren said...

And now Nr. 4 is "Tanter". Oh it's so nice to read and look at pictuers of you here...
Have a nice day!

Maren :)

Laura (: said...


I miss you.

Kathi´s Mom said...

Finally I´m able to follow your blog! (Daddy helped me) ;)