Thursday, August 26, 2010


Yesterday I went to Youth Group again. 
It was 'Back 2 School Bash' and we had to take pictures all over the town. 
We got a sheet with the different explanations for the pictures we should take (e.g.: most scary picture, your group in the smallest place, best nature picture, picture of an outdoor sculpture,...)

When we were back in the Youth Group room I noticed that one of my (Thomas Sabo) bracelet charms were missing: the little airplane that Theresa gave me to my birthday/goodbye party :( 
I checked if I put it on my necklace, but I didn't. 
I was so super sad and went straight in my room to check if I put it in my jewelry box (I doubted it because I usually wear all my charms) and to my own surprise: I found it ^^

After I had to go to see the counselor on four different days, I finally get my homeroom, locker and schedule.

Homeroom: C717 (it's in the science section)

Locker: 2419

Period 1: US History
Period 2: Anatomy&Physiology
Period 3: College Prep Algebra
Period 4: Concert Band
Period 5: Women's Choir
Period 6: Language Arts 11
Period 7: Health II

Volleyball practice gets easier every day (my blisters bigger and my muscles ache more every day :D) and we had fire alarm today...( so a little break ). My first game is going to be next week on Thursday and from Monday on we only have 2 hours practice every day.

Tomorrow is no practice ;)


P.S.: To all people in Germany, I just heard that you can't open the link so here is one, where you could hear the song:  

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