Friday, August 20, 2010

In the Lake

Today Eden, George, two other exchange students from Germany and Switzerland and I went to Quarry Park. They searched for granite there and the quarries filled up with water after some time.

It was so much fun there, especially when we drop Eden in the swimming pool quarry :)

Here are some pictures:
The granite rocks
Formed granite

Walking aaaall the way to the swimming pool quarry
Plants on the granite rocks

One of the quarries

For my brother and father back in Germany :)

We planned to go back there again on Monday and really go swimming, have a picnic and all that stuff :)

Tomorrow I will go shopping with two girls from youth group to find all my volleyball things ^^


Micha said...

Nice pictures, esp. the last one ;)

Brigitte said...

O.K. Katha,next year,I hope you will play in my Volleyball - Group!!!We look forward :D