Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I want it all

Today Mitch and I went to see the counselor of the Apollo High School to make my course choice. I'm going to be in class 12 so I'm a senior :) Which is super cool ;)
It was sooo hard to find the right courses, because there are so many different options!
They offer 163 different courses so just that you can imagine how hard that is :) I don't know if I will be able to have all these subjects, because some of them could be already 'full'...
So here it is:

Dep:          Trimester 1                 Trimester 2                Trimester 3

LA                    Language Arts 11                 Film Study                             Acting/Theater Workshop
Social               US History                            US History                             US History
Math                College Prep Algebra            College Prep Algebra            College Prep Algebra
Science            Anatomy+Physiology             Anatomy+Physiology            Anatomy+Physiology
Elective            Digital Photography               Health II                                Community CPR, First Aid, AED
Elective            Band                                     Band                                      Band
Music               Choir                                     Choir                                      Choir

P.S.: I don't mean all the things that are said in the song. It's just that I wasn't sure what classes I should choose and I was like 'I want it all' so that's why I picked the song for my title :P


Bohne said...

So ur a senior now... congratulations we are so proud of you and we are really happy for you!!! ;)

Steph T said...

I think it looks like a really fun year ahead for you!