Monday, August 23, 2010

We are Family

So now I already have four different families :)
One family is probably asleep right now and lives in Germany :)
My second family and I are just back from a dinner at Bonanza.
The third family is the church and the Youth Group.
And I just joined a fourth family that stands of three girls of my volleyball team at Apollo and me. In the team we were separate in groups of three to five girls. In a group the other girls are your 'sisters' and you are supposed to encourage them before the games and give them little presents. I think that is awesome!

So speaking of volleyball: It was veeeery hard and exhausting ;)
Here is the development of the 4-hour-practice:
1. Run a mile
2. Stations (Sit-ups, Push-ups, squats, box-stepping, sprinting, blocking,...)
3. Warm up for volleyball (Building three groups: serve, pass and  setter. The serve brings the ball over the net, runs over to the other side of the net, pass the ball of the next server to the setter and is then setter himself and has to go with the ball back to the serve line...)
4. Separate in the 'sister-groups'
5. Getting jerseys
6. Workout
7. Practice serving
8. Play a couple of games of volleyball

I was super tired afterward. I brought my report card from my last school year in Germany to the counselor and talked to her again. I was a bit confused because the letter with my schedule, grade, locker number and home room didn't really fit to what we have talked about during our first appointment. I have to go there again tomorrow and I will get my new schedule and stuff :)
So after I saw the counselor a girl of my team gave me a ride home and I took a shower immediately and go right to bed then to take a nap :D
But I'm excited to go there again tomorrow!

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Theresa said...

you know that I miss you, right ?
kisses :*