Monday, April 18, 2011

Heal the World

Thank you sooo much for all the donations for the 30 hour famine!
I was able to raise $180! With that money World Vision will be able to take care of a child for half a year :)

The 30 hour famine was a great experience and I will definitely do something like that again in the future! I started fasting right after my lunch period in school on Friday at 12pm. When I came home everybody had Animal Crackers for snack (I love those!) and Micah said 'Haha, you can't have any!'... not nice :) But really it wasn't that hard not to eat - I thought it would be harder since I'm snacking all the time.

Mitch, Eden, Micah and I went to TCF to go through some bank-stuff which took a veeery long time because it was very complicated, but it was also very entertaining :D After that we went to a game store to get a couple CDs/DVDs buffered and after that we went to Little Caesers to get pizza for the others for supper - that was fun. Mitch called in before we got there so that they would be ready when we come and he ordered "3 pepperoni ... and 1 sausage please". When he said 'sausage' I said "Yes... nooooo" because I love sausage pizza but then I realized that I won't be able to have any :(

At 8pm I went to Church then where I spent the rest of my fasting time together with all the others (I think there were about 25 of us.. maybe more).We started of by playing a couple games boys vs. girls - we won! :) And then at around 9.30 Josh talked to us, showed us a very cool video. In that video kids who don't live as good as we do asked questions about our life here in America - "Do you really eat 3 times a day", etc. It also included information about the difference of our countries - "A woman in Africa walks about 6 miles a day to get water, that's how much an American walks in A MONTH!" It really opened my eyes about what's going on in the world and on top of that we then watched End of the Spear.

The next day morning we woke up at 8.45 and started at 9.30. We did three service projects throughout the day - hand out bag of lunch to people who otherwise won't have a meal -, collect caned food donations and we cleaned up a park :)
Throughout the whole time i didn't really struggle with hunger, but more with a lack of energy and I was cold all the time except when I was in my sleeping bag... then I felt super hot. I think I had a little short cold or something because I also had trouble breathing (it felt like somebody was sitting on my chest when I tried to breath in). Usually my temperature is around 96°F when I take it with the thermometer we have but on Saturday when I came home it was 98°F... I don't know doesn't really matter I guess :)

We broke out fast together at (Surprise...after 30 hours) 6pm on Saturday with rice and something like taco meat and ketchup. I think I never enjoyed a meal like that before - you really start appreciating the food you have the more you learn about all the hunger in the world!

Anyway it was a great experience and thanks again for the donations!

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