Sunday, April 10, 2011


As mentioned in An die Musik I had my Choir Solo/Ensemble Contest on Wednesday where I sang 'An die Musik' (To Music) by Franz Schubert. I also sang Shenandoah with seven other girls (so we had two soprano, three first alto and two second alto).

When I woke up that morning my throat was super sore and I thought "Great, why today?". It was a little hard to catch the high notes but all in all it was a lot of fun spending the day just listening to other artist instead of sitting in school for math, language arts, etc. :)
And I also met some friends from Calvary who go to Tech!

My ratings for both performances were 'Superior'. I was so happy! Since I was a little sick I thought I won't do very good, but I just did as good as I can... wasn't like I could do anything about it ;)

Oh and I looove this song! My dad listens to it a lot and when I got to hear it the first time my English wasn't that great so I didn't catch all of it, but "Music is my first love" is not that hard and the music itself of the song is amazing :)

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