Thursday, April 28, 2011

High School

Oh I like school sooo much here!

Especially Anatomy&Physiology! I just wanted to post some multiple questions from my Mastery Test that I got for the Exam tomorrow. It's on the cardiovascular system and I really enjoyed studying that chapter. We dissected deer hearts and I just love the fact that we do so much things in labs and don't just talk about everything. It's very interesting to actually look at some things :)

Anyway here are the questions:

1. Rheumatic fever damages the...
a) walls of the ventricles
b) walls of the atria
c) membranes that cover the heart
d) valves of the heart

2. The visceral pericardium is also known as the
a) epicardium
b) myocardium
c) endocardium

3. The structures that prevent the mitral and tricuspid valves from swinging into the atria during ventricular contraction are the...
a) cordae tendineae
b) papillary muscles
c) endocardium
d) Purkinje fibers

4. The aortic bodies containing pressoreceptors and chemoreceptors are located in the...
a) ascending aorta
b) aortic arch
c) aortic sinuses
d) descending aorta

5. Venous blood flow is maintained by all but which of the following factors?
a) blood pressure
b) skeletal muscle contraction
c) vasconstriction of veins
d) respiratory movements

My mastery test has 65 questions of these, some are easier some are harder. It would be cool if some people comment and write their answers to the questions :) I will publish the solution with my next post.

Now I will study some more!


Kathi´s Mom said...

I think "2a" is correct, but the remaining questions I can´t answer. ;(
Ly ♥

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