Monday, April 25, 2011

Jesus Messiah

Okay so it's still Easter (Monday) so this post is not too late :D

Yesterday was great!
We went to church early to participate in the fundraiser breakfast for a missions trip this year and it was great to already meet a couple of people before the sermon and talk to them :)
The sermon itself was awesome and I hope that it's online soon so that I can put a link on here for you to see!

We also had three baptisms again. I love to hear all the different testimonies I get so excited when I listen to the different stories!

After church we went home, changed clothes and then went to Papa's house (Mitch's Dad - my host grandpa). We had an Easter Egg Hunt and looots of good food :) First Eva and Papa were hiding the eggs for  or the little kids - everyone had 7 or 8, one person had one color of eggs and a little sticker on them so that they don't find the "wrong" eggs :)

When the little kids were done they all helped to hide Eva's and my eggs - way up high or so hidden we could barely see them :) It was so much fun too find them and I think it took me about an hour to find all of mine. Eva's were pink and mine were blue. By the time I found three of mine I already knew where all of Eva's were :D So when Mitch and Paul gave us hints by showing pictures in which area the rest of the eggs were hidden I already knew if it was "my area" or Eva's ;)

I got a pair of socks, a mood necklace with a 'K' as a charm, a cord and beats and a treble clef charm to make my own bracelet or necklace, a pencil and music stickers for my scrapbook :) Thank you so much again!

Here are some pictures!

Paul with Obadiah
Malachi just found an egg
It is hiding :)
Love shutter speed!
Good job buddy
Good spot for the eggs!
See the easter bunny ears?
'Maybe there are eggs in the water!?'
'I wonder where the rest of my eggs are!'

Thanks for a great Easter Sunday Theis Family!

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