Friday, November 5, 2010


Yesterday was my first concert with Symphonic Band :) It was in the Apollo Auditorium and Concert Band also played three songs. We played 'Earthdance' by Michael Sweeney, Donegal Moors by Sean O'Loughlin, and Hymn of Freedom Johannes Brahms. 
I really, really enjoyed playing - especially Earthdance.

I also finally finished all my projects for school: a research paper about Martin Luther for Language Arts, an analyze paper about my diet for Health II and another research paper about stem cells for Anatomy & Physiology.

We went shoe shopping today :) Even though I just bought house shoes I realized that I need winter boots :) I hope I can get some in the next couple of days since the winter's coming ^^

When we came home and Eden and I went to our room she started reading her book and then started to tell me a little bit about it. It sounds very interesting and when she kept laughing I got even more interested so she read a part out loud and then just continued reading. Now she is kind of tired (like I am) and we stopped, but I thought it would be cool to write another blog post since my laptop was already on :)

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