Thursday, November 25, 2010


On Friday I got picked up by Karla - one of the volunteers of YFU who is also hosting a student :) She drove a couple of us girls to a friend of Sheila (my area rep of YFU) where we were scrapbooking from Friday about 6pm to Saturday about 5pm.

It was so much fun. We were all so focused on working on our scrapbooks so that we didn't talk at all - we listened to music so it wasn't completely silent ^^. Junior (she is from Thailand), Alice (from China) and me stayed up till 5.30am and we got up again at about 11am to go on working on the books. I took pictures of the room when we went to bed and of each page of my scrapbook:

At 5:30 am

Front side of my scrapbook

Title page


Different Places
Back to School

Picture sets of Malachi, Tirzah and Micah

Josh and Malachi

Church Potluck

Senior High School Girls Sleepover at Calvary
 It was so much fun, thanks to everybody who made that weekend possible :)

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