Saturday, November 13, 2010

I have a shelter

Okay, so I planned to wait till I know what song we sang last Sunday after my Baptism, but I reeeally want to post about this so I just decided to pick another song which fits very well with this blog post :)

You can see Steph's blog for her blog post about last Sunday and very good pictures of the baptism.
It was just incredible and so awesome. When you read Steph's post you will get a very good idea what the baptism was like so I won't write that down again :)
I was so extremely nervous when we went up the stage to change into our baptism clothes. And it got worse when we were standing in front of all those people. I noticed that my knees were shaking and that was a very weird feeling because I thought I'm used to stand in front of a lot of people just because of all the concerts I already had (must be about 200 now :D). Anyways it was just amazing and I can't really tell you exactly what it was like.  

When we were all baptized and when our friends joined us for prayer I was overwhelmed with emotions - I almost started to cry - it was just amazing to listen to the prayers of my friends: Thank you to all of you ;)

I really hope that we'll get the video of the baptism so that you all can listen to our testimonies.

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Micha said...

sorry, but this video- link doesn´t work in germany!
it´s kind of cool that we can enlarge your photos now!
enjoy the snow you´ve got - daddy